Wanna go insane?


Hey, I see you’re a Clash fan. Rawk.

I am already in a state of mind equal to insane

Go insane?

Too late. I did it back in the day, what with all the sex, the drugs, the germans…

JESUS! Look at the link! WHO’S THE BOSS FANFIC!! Think about that, people are out there writing fanfic based on a sitcom staring Tony Danza!!

I am the very essence of insanity, and you ask me if I want to go insane?

I would say something more relevant, but the link is broken.

If i remember correctly, you hate all fanfic Mage. But other than that, this is link is helping the decline of western civilization.

Mmmm, yes, all fanfic, is horrible. Sept Tenchi Muyo! lemon fanfic, thats super horrible.

Way ahead of you.

I wanna help in the decline of the western civilization. plzzzzzzzzzz. Just kidding. But that will make me go insane now. What in gods name is wrong with people, why would anyone want to create a fanfic about Tony Danza. So wrong, so so wrong.

Originally posted by RamzaTheSquire
I wanna help in the decline of the western civilization.

“I want to conquer the world. Give all the idiots a brand new religion.”

I’ve got a demon living inside my head, an elder god in my bathroom, and I was once about to cut myself in the face with a breadknife just because I was bored. (I changed my mind though…
I went for my arm instead, but the knife was barely sharp enough to cause a small scratch…)

And you ask me if I want to go insane?
<I>Way</I> ahead of ya :stuck_out_tongue:

(First two, sort of true, depends on how you look at it.
Third, completely true. (Damn you, dull breadknife :P))

No, Di Gi Charact shoujo-ai lemon is the worst.

I thought everyone except mods and I were already insane.

Man, i should have changed the name of the post to “check out this weird link” since everyone just seems to be commenting on how they are allready insane.

It’s RPGC.


It’s natural.

This place isn’t insane. It’s so sane it’s sickening :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, you are truely right Steve. But you know, it’s not nice to disappoint new people who think they have the greatest and most newest joke in the world who claim how iNsAn3 and phr33ky they are.

Wanna go insane?

Been there, done that, and now I’m workin’ for the Clampdown as a result.