Wanna buy a town?

The Story

The auction

Damn, I don’t have that much money. I would so buy a town… that’d be sweet, cause you could be like the mayor then.

Or declare indepedance and set up your own Psychotic Dictatorship.

I’d make anyone who passed through pay a toll or answer riddles or else I’d throw big ass rocks at their car.

A town would kick SO much ass. I could turn it into an amusement park…or something.

Buying a town would not make you the mayor automatically, since it’s government stuff (unless, maybe, if you bought your town in some country under dictatorial government). However, it could make you really rich -> you own all the land, with all the buildings on it, and you can make the place more interesting for industrial and then sell them plots of land.

As for me, if I had a town, I would go Neroy and burn it down just to please my pyromania. Then I would clean all the dirt and build the world’s biggest paintball/qzar camp ever.

I dunno about you guys, but being a mayor would be pretty fucking sweet. I mean, the mayor in Crakton was pretty cool.

I’d use the land to create some sort of army…

I want to buy Fucking, Austria.:hahaha;