Wanna be a hacker?

Well you can!

Yes, another online game for the web browser for us to hang onto. Its in beta, but still quite good. The theme of the game is hacking, each player is a hacker, and you have to extend your’ domain through the use of crawlers, crackers, and infiltraters. In turn, you must defend yourself with firewalls, security progs, and maintenance progs. You have stats to an extent, too, though instead of being the stereotypical ‘strength’ and whatnot, its more about security skills, programming skills, reflexes etc. You also have to manage hardware, and since we’re knowledgeable of computers enough I’ll let you find out what kind of hardware you buy (using cash from cash crawlers)

It just started a new round, so its a prime time to get started. You can find me in the game by the same monicker I go by here.

Edit: Dammit, the games gone down. Well, its beta, it’ll be back. It rarely crashes, sorry.

Edit2: Its actually because of a flaw with the experience system that the games down. Someone got to level 18 WAY to fast.

Yeah, I noticed, I was looking around in the game and it just kinda said the thing ended.

Yeah, it ended because as said in the edit earlier, an exploit was found that gave too much XP. The admins had to close the game within 20 minutes of starting it, making it the shortest round ever. I hihly doubt it’ll happen again, and sorry I posted this. I should have waited a little longer, but I felt it would be courteous to give you all a chance to register early as possible, gain an early advantage… ah, anyone whos played online games knows what I mean.

No ETA on when it’ll be back up, depends how long until they can find a suitable fix to the exploit.

Seems to me they almost invited this kind of thing to happen since the game IS about hackers made to appeal to that kind of subculture.

It wasn’t a hack that made it crash, ironically. It was something along the lines of the ‘sack of rats’ fighter from D&D: Totally by the rules, but not supposed to happen.

Hell, it was the two makers of the game who found the exploit.

Sack of rats? I missed that one.

Oh well, you can still play <a href=“http://www.koth.org/”>Core Wars</a> until they get this one back up again.

My dream can now come true! Although I already know a way of hacking SOME things…I’m gonna go hide now. 0_0

I’ll just stick to good old board GURPS Cyberpunk, but thanks anyway.

WTF is GURPS, exactly?

It’s a Pencil & Paper RPG system, not unlike the d20 system used by WotC, but for the fact that GURPS is more broadly applicable. I think the whole idea of GURPS was, in fact, that it could be used for all genrés of roleplaying.

Its back up. They got a fix in fast it seems.

It’s pretty fun. I like it. And the Admins are pretty friendly too.

I’m in the top 10 =D

Yeah, the balance of power can shift quickly in this game >:D