*wanders in*

Hello. I am Hector of Ostia (known in other places as WhiteWolfX13), and I stumbled upon the Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken Shrine in a topic at Gamefaqs, and decided to check out the “Agora”. This sure beats the boring GFaqs message boards. Hooray for avatars. Anyway…Hi! Anyway…I am a huge Fire Emblem fan, hell, I may make a shrine here. Right then…



Yes, yes gamefaqs does suck. Welcome.

Yo. You actually might stick around. Rockin’.

Why, do people normally not stick around? Are you hiding something from me…?

We’ve had a few people who never post anything beyond their “Hi, I’m new” threads.

As someone else who has migrated from the wastelands of Gamefaqs a few years ago…Welcome to paradise. :wink:

welcome home son

hugs The long ordeal of GameFAQs is over. You can rest easy now, knowing you’re in a (slightly) better place. :slight_smile:

Fire Emblem’s cool. The GBA one, I’ve played. Lyn’s hot…

Also, the only good thing about GFAQs was the old JSRF board. That had some damn cool people on it.

I joined GameFAQs with the intention of finding the LUE board, because of a fanfic I saw once. I never did find it, but I found out what a truly active forum is.


:hahaha; …Oh, you were serious. Actually, I myself perfer the one whom the Divine Ones hath graced ‘Karla’. However, the FE General Board is home to many a cool people. And I never found the LUE board either.

greetings and stor kram

Hello… Will you bear my child?

Very well. Just buy me a sailor hat and some Pain-killers and I should be fine.

Welcome. You cannot escape the craziness.

I figured that one out pretty fast. By the way, mayhap your name be that of Lex from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu?

No. It’s a nickname someone gave me. I’ve never played Fire Emblem.

Ah. My mistake then.

Ha! Another person from wisconsin, and another fire emblem fan, I hope you do stick around