Wallpaper thread, anyone?

Press the ‘print screen’ button :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that FluxBox?

And i can never get enlightenment to compile right. I always get an X error. ;_;

Nulani, your’s is funny. Nice deformed look.

I used a picture I took as my background. It’s very… pink.

Sexy <3

^^ Makes me el happy… though I should probably change it soon.


Good luck having a cooler wallpaper than mine :stuck_out_tongue:

<a href=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/rptrian/mastersword.jpg”>Just found it the other night.</a>

I’ve just had to remove '98 seen as my pc needed and is in the process of decluttering. (It was very slow) I’ll post my ME and see if an can get my XP in the morning.

Big Nutter
SG Whooops!! … hey Isn’t that Dave’s sorry XContry Guy’s Sword?

wah print screen no works

here is mine… been a while, but then again …

!Click for Desktop!

Don’t bother asking me where I got my stuff for the desktop, I divulge nothing.

I had to format yesterday, so my desktop looks pretty bare at the moment.

Photo: A Sharpe, My dad. It’s mainly My dad’s PC.

Big Nutter
Notebooks at the ready!