What? Where?!

It’s Pixar’s next animated movie. Does it come out this year?

(Was there supposed to be a link there? And since when does Sin like cute things?? O_O )

Anyway, it’s a SF romance between a robot who lives in an abandoned, trash-covered future Earth and the robot who comes to check how the planet is doing. That’s all I know so far. Sounds good.

I was wondering about both of these things myself. With regards to the latter, I’ve noticed a startling trend in the decrease of Sin’s anger and increased liking for warm fuzzy things over the past couple of years. I can attribute it to only one thing, which my chart below should explain thoroughly:

(graph showing Sin’s anger going down as sex goes up)

According to you, I should get exponentially more angry with the more sex I get each month.

Yes, Wall-e looks adorable - I saw the preview when Mom and I went to see National Treasure. :smiley:

I thought that at first, too, but then I re-read the chart. It does seem that it’s saying quite the opposite. You’re getting much more sex on the left than on the right.

The graph is a display of the relationship between sex and anger. More anger as you go right, more sex as you go up.

Now that I look at the graph, the axes should be flipped. Anger should be a function of sex, not the other way around. Kero is implying that I get more sex when I’m less angry and less sex when I’m more angry.

You would think this would motivate me to be a less angry person but the problem is that since I’m a naturally angry person, this would lead to a vicious cycle whereby I’d get angry, get less sex , then naturally get angry about not getting sex and so on and so forth.

The axes should be flipped, but the shape is right. It also says something interesting in that there is a maximum anger associated with celibacy and zero anger associated with some discrete amount of sex per month!

Yes, the axes should be flipped. I wasn’t thinking about it terms of cause and effect. Also, wouldn’t you just love to know what values I plugged in to get that graph? :smiley:

I imagine the values are over 9000!


Which begs the question:

Why the fuck are you graphing Sinistral’s sex life?

A second question comes to me, but I think I will not voice that.

Uh, could we get back to talking about the movie? Before Starstorm starts talking about why his rubber duckie is wearing bondage gear… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway: So is there a trailer out already? I’m going to have to look it up online, all I’ve seen are sketches so far.

But I love my bondage duckie!

So do I, StarStorm, so do I.

I grew tired of Pixar after the Incredibles. I dunno why, but anything after it never really interested me.

I never got into any pixar movies. But this sounds… somewhat intriguing. I might actually go to see it.

Yeah … I’m intrigued by this story, I’ll prolly end up seeing it, if not in theaters then elsewhen.

Also: thread derailment four posts in. That a new record?

After Ratatouille my hopes are high.