Wakka Wakka!

Hey Hey!
Wats up all?
Im back, thats what!
Lol, jk, i thought my absence from the forums would be longer, however SCHOOLS OUT! and my parents got me a laptop! so here i am

Oh yah, jeez, the great deletion 2? that really sucks, worms huh? My dog had worms once, but thats all i know about them so i cant really help…so here is my contribution! Its a little flash-a-majig i made about the worms…nothing to good but it gets the job done! Click here to play!

oh yea, and before i forget, HELLO AGAIN!:wave: :wave:

WHAT! dammit, im back to my old av and stuff…CURSE THE WORMS

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Who are you?

That made little to no sense whatsoever.

Obviously someone who thought he was more visible/memorable than he really was.

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<img src=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/kor.gif”> …The hell?

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Who are you?

Thats about it.

I vaguely remember him, but only because he started a whole argument over using the word gay to insult a play once. That’s all I remember.

<img src=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/kor.gif”> …Seems to be Older Than my time.

Yea, I’d like to say that you people are far too uptight when it comes to the word gay.

Well it IS usually used as a derogitory term and it insults a group of people and their lifestyle so we can be uptight if we want to. Unless you mean happy :stuck_out_tongue:

It irks me because some of my friends are gay, and fiercely defend themselves when people say it, but I’m not going to get in a persons face about it, people can look like morons if they want.

Though it was funny when one Armenian guy refused to stop saying it, so she started calling everything she didn’t like Armenian to illustrate her point, then got him suspended when he didn’t stop saying it.

<img src=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/kor.gif”> Actually, i know gay People, and when people use it as an Insult, it really piss me off…

“Screw diamonds, gay guys are a girl’s best friend!” - Julia.

I have several gay friends, and they are good people. Of course, there is one who is so gay he even puts Liberace to shame…


No wonder we have so many girls here then.

I knew a guy that was like that, he just wasn’t all clean cut and sparkly. Just really strange in everything he did, from the Receses Pices skirt to the 3 foot long hair spikes.

I’m hardly stereotypically gay. For one thing, there’s the love of violence…stabs Frameskip repeatedly to prove his point

And I hate Barbara Streisand…stabs her too

Originally posted by Silhouette

I know, I was so surprised to find out, too!

Originally posted by MegamanX2K

And I hate Barbara Streisand…stabs her too


whips out a ion cannon and vaporizes her

There…that’s the proper way of disposing an overrated diva.