Wait for it...

Wait for it… wait for it…

So very true

The comic is funny, but wait for what? o.o;

LOL! That’s awsome!

Haha Princess Leia

“Dad! I’m scared! ;.;”

lol XD

This is worth cookies too!

Why is it that everyone but me can see it?
It refuses to load the site.

It is that way for me too Steve. I guess we’re just tooooo coooool :DDD

That was pretty good.

And very typical of RPGs.

Bah, they never notice you becuase you’re irrelevant to them.


Nessa was reading this comic and I looked over her shoulder, read it, and immediately guessed that she got it from Booken.

Worth a bit of a laugh. Well-drawn, too.



By the gods that was funny. :hahaha;