Wacky munchies!

Weird Snacks article

Onion on a stick sounds good, but the popcorn sandwich just sounds nasty (mayonnaise?). Xp

Man that all sounds so raunchy…

Hmm…the popcorn sandwich doesn’t sound that bad.

The Velveeta sandwich thing, though? Ewww.

I have hereby lost my appetite for the night…

As somebody who has an extensive knowledge of nutrition, i can say…ew

Reminds me of Fried Mars Bars and Oreos

This man must have no life at all. Ugh, onion on a stick? :eek:

There’s this one place at “Point of Focus MUCK” where, if you type ‘mix me a drink’, it randomly generates this drink with two ingredients. Most of which, I may add, are entirely inappropriate for drinking.

One of the people on my fitness board actually knows that guy in the picture of the onion on a stick. Its a guy that she used to work with heh.

Sounds okay. Not something I would eat, but I bet a few people would try.

Ick…I don’t believe I’d ever eat that stuff.(or even try for that matter)

If it wern’t for the fact that I was sick, I would try some of it for the sheer hell of it.

Looks like a list of stuff stoners eat while high. When your high, everything tastes better, and stuff that tastes good alone and combined can taste great while high, go back and try it later and you’ll gag.

Yeah man, that’s true. I remember once I was gonna eat cereal, but there was no milk, so I put in orange juice instead. Uhh, even though that sounds pretty sweet, it wasn’t. :\

Man, I gotta try them out.