W0000T! to the googol power (That means I'm happy)

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been interviewing for a position in a local medical group for an “Applications Specialist” in their IT department. I got a call last night saying that they were very impressed with me and flat out gave me an offer. I just accecpted it a couple of hours ago. Soooo, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! PARTY! NAKED LESBIAN TWINS!

Umm, yeah. Basically I’ll be working with a bunch of guys on developing an electronic health record for the medical group and other IT projects. The only “bad” news is that I have to go to Wisconsin for a few days to get training from their software vendor. I’ve never really gone away from home for a job before and I hope I don’t have to bring a tie or I’ll have to learn it quick. The funny thing is I didn’t even wear one to my interviews and I still got hired. Take that damn college career office! I’m just crazy about the $37,000 annual salary they offered to START! After the first 90 days of work, I would already qualify for a raise.

Now…uh…pardon me when I run around my house screaming at the top of my lungs in happiness.


$37,000, eh? w00tness.

Wow Congrats. Thats awesome.

I start on June 19th. They gave me a little while to give notice to the place I work now. I’m so going to enjoying giving my resignation to my boss. I don’t think she ever liked me. Thanks guys, I’ll keep you posted.

I can smell those bridges burning already. >.>

*Clao, clap. Good luck.