A warm rag can help withthat.

If you can confirm it, yeah, report on that. If not, I’d say give the lady the benefit of the doubt until you know better. My mom used to be an election judge, and they typically work with a big staff of other judges and have to report in to other higher-up election judges, so the odds of that actually happening are pretty slim. The odds of her even giving him a ballot in play are pretty slim, too, as they have to record the ballot numbers, state ID/Drivers Licence/Voter Registration Card numbers, <I>and</I> social security numbers of every voter to ensure a lack of fraud (at least, they do in Texas).

Registration also serves to make sure you’re voting in the proper precinct and state. You can’t just give out a voter list for the entire state because then I could potentially vote in more than one precinct. Registration by place of residency serves to properly match me up in my correct precinct, and only that precinct alone would have me on their voting database. When I registered, I was sent a little precinct card that told me my polling location; if I didn’t know where my parents voted, I doubt I would’ve known the proper polling place.

On the site the registration for every single person would be a SEVERE headache; every person would vote in what he thinks is the proper precinct. That would then require making sure the person has the proper residency to vote in that state, that congressional district, that county, that county subdivision, etc. There have been some calls for every state to adopt on site registration, but that probably won’t happen for various reasons.

Thinking about dev’s situation, the kiss-ass sounds like an idiot. His mom may have given him a sample ballot to let him fill out like he thought it was a real ballot.

I was totally waiting for someone else to pull out the Dan Savage treatment on that. Ha. :smiley:

I am so glad I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sat.

You know, I’m feeling kinda happy right now too.

I know that telling the authorities or whatever would be the right thing to do, and i know i sound pretty damn contradictory when i rant on how much her actions pissed me off, and then do nothing about it, but i just feel like i can’t tell on her. Not only because of how awkward the situation would be, but because its just not my personality. It probably doesn’t make sense to you guys, but whatever.

However, i did rewrite what my original post and sent it as an op-ed to the newspaper around here. I changed the context in which i heard the story, but i left my main point intact, which was basically “its depressing someone in charge would do this :(”

Also, yeah he could’ve been lying, but he does stupid shit like this all the time. He had us watch a cam version of “The Fog of War” for a part of his project once, it was seriously like something he had gotten off of piratebay. Though he could be lying, like i said, i don’t doubt his mom’s in charge, and i don’t doubt he did what he said, just because he lacks common sense.