Every election is important, but this year, the candidates have the ability to shift the destiny of America in such a pivotal manner that we can’t take our vote for granted. Too many people have died for our right to vote to respond with the apathy that some seem to subscribe towards.

The primaries determine which two of those destinies we are most willing to believe. If that’s not important, what is?

There’s better calendar’s out there, but eh.

NY Campaign guide

Heck, if your in Iowa, you can register the day of the primary!

Democrat. Republican. Doesn’t matter which, just vote!

As much as I virulently dislike what Mullenkamp has to say usually, I have to wholeheartedly support this thread.

What if you don’t like any of the choices given? >_>

Then you vote for the person who you believe will fuck you less.

Unless that’s what you’re into.

vote for me via write-in and i’ll vote for you. we can trade votes :victoly:

Hmm, I looked up virulent in my dictionary. Not exactly a complement, but on the plus side I learned a new word.

As certain as I am that my views and my party are what’s best for the country, I’m even more certain that it’s essential for people to understand how important their civic duty and their need to vote is in order for our country to survive as a democracy.

I might not like how you vote but I respect you for doing so. Of course, I hope people are informed about the issues and the candidates.

Oh great, this just reminded me that we still need to put up with the current administration a whole nother year, thanks alot.

Yay absenty ballets!

What, we don’t get ballets here!

But yes, voting is good. You can’t really complain if you don’t vote.

One can’t complain of the proposed choice between a blackshirt like Rudolf Giulianni and an equally authoritarian (and dynastic) iron lady like Hillary Clinton? Woe to our republic!

Um, yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.

Even if I could, I probably wouldn’t vote for any of your candidates. Not that I follow the matter… I just can’t find any of them better than the others.

I won’t vote in Sweden either, so phooey.

The first time I was eligible to vote my party fucked cleaned up. Went from 3 seats to like 27. They promptly proceeded to yell at other potential coalition parties and ended up as opposition afterall, forcing the labour party into a super shitty super religious christian fest coalition. We now have one of the most reactionary cabinets in ages, and politicians peeing on muslims.

God bless democracy.

Yes, but at least they give you something to complain about, Rhaka. And lord knows that’s always in short supply.

You don’t have to tell me to vote :stuck_out_tongue: ONly problem is I think by the time Iowa and New Hampshire are over, the election will already be over. I’ll still vote though.


I don’t like any of the canditates. I believe that all of them will continue on Bush’s legacy of fighting the War of Terror. If one canidate said they would stop bring our troops back, I would vote for them. But sadly, no ones saying anything, atleast I havn’t heard of anyone saying anything.

What do you guys think of Ron Paul? I think I like him.

Is there somewhere with a large unbiased (lol) description of everyone? Cause I haven’t really paid as much attention to news/whatever as I should have :frowning:

I think it’s hard to find a completely unbiased description of ANY candidate. I won’t even try telling you about any of the Republican candidates because I hate almost all of them.

The day he gets nominated is the day I eat my own ballsack.

But when he isn’t nominated, vote for him anyway so that the Dems will win. BTW- I’m voting for Obama in the primary.

I’m already planning to vote, although I need to stay away from damn near everything political this year. My whole family’s a bunch of ultraconservative All-Americans that love to bring my Democrat registration up as if it’s a betrayal of America.

As it is, there’s no perfect candidate. They’re all human beings, and therefore prone to fuck-ups. The only difference is, this time around we have a little thing called the “Internet” that can transform any minor infraction into a major crisis within seconds of occurring. It all boils down to who will fuck up the least. And since they’ll receive all the blame from the consequences of Bush’s bullshit, and there’s a good chance Congress will be split without the needed majority again, reality is there will be very little done these next four years.

I’m not even listening for troop pullouts, because I know it’s not going to happen. The whole situation is fucked beyond belief, and I want to see it end just like everyone else, but there’s no practical way of pulling every single soldier and every single piece of equipment out of Iraq overnight. Hell, it would take years for even a slightly unrealistic removal to be completed. And the very minute we pull out, there’s a good chance the country will erupt into a full-blown civil war, and the blame will still be laid upon the US’ feet.

We caused this disaster with our apathy. It’s time we got our heads out of our asses and did something about it. And crying for everyone to come home immediately is not a sign of maturity; it’s caring about your own little self more than the people you just screwed in the name of stroking your ego.

Good day, sirs!

If enough people who don’t like these candidates vote, you won’t have to hold your nose that much on election day (then again I can’t wrap my head around the caucus system, so take that with a pinch of salt). By voting you earn the right to complain about the outcome. Not voting means allowing small groups to screw you over.