So yeah, last time this happened, Seattle and the surrounding areas were covered in thick ash that made it nearly impossible to see and/or breathe outside. This time it may not be THAT bad, but if it is… I wont be able to leave home to go to Digipen… O_O :thud:

Yeah, I’ve been hearing about it on the news. I guess the good news is that it won’t be as big a disaster as Ivan and Jeanne.

gets engulfed by lava

Digs Izludes perfectly preserved body out and sells it on e-bay.

buys izlude’s body and feeds it to moogles :moogle:

Yeah, but there’s still even more time of the hurricane season left. Poor Floridians.

There’s apparently a cloud of ash slowly making it’s way towards my city as I type this :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m just thankful it wasn’t a catastrophic eruption as like the famous one. I’d rather that St. Helens dump a buttload of ash every decade or so than stew for a century and mulch half the state with pyroclastic ash flows.

mogs!? When did you guys become a canible?

:moogle: when we discovered that lava incrusted human have a sugar coating. Its true try some.

takes a little nibblemmmmmmmmmmmmm sugar.

what’s digipen?

It’s probably a lie. Go outside and sunbathe. There is no danger.

But seriously, fuck. O_o

The short answer: Alot better than Full Sail

The better answer: A hell of alot better than Full Sail; Digipen is the college (Institute of Technology) that I attend here in Redmond Washington. It’s offers 4 solid programs for videogame programming and two art programs, one being the BFA giving you a bachelor’s degree in 3d and production animation, and the one I am in AAA which gives you an associate’s degree in animation for videogames.

waves his Digipen flag

oh, and if you read any game magazines, theres a good chance it has appeared in it, one of our walls in the main hallway has every newspaper and magazine article that we’ve been in, its a big wall too. O_O

…you’re an idiot. Cannibalism means eating a member of your own species. Sure, Moogles are imaginary, but they’re not human. And since Izlude is a human, a moogle eating him isn’t cannibalism.

still eating lava crusted izlude with moogles munch munch whatever dos’ent change the fact that were eating him.

:moogle: munch munch mmmmmm must have more.

I am a delectible treat for everyone.

winks at trilly

Gemini: We go now to Jr., RPG News Team’s weatherman.
Jr. Today, I had just realized that this year, 2004, has been a bad year for us weatherwise. Girst, We’ve had Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne, and now we have Flaming Hurricane St. Helens!
Gemini: Interesting!