Volcano High School?

ANyone see this movie? Its also called Whasango. This is the most off the wall movie I have seen in some time. Its about the closest you will ever see to a decent live action Anime, but it is confusing as hell because they do not explain hardly anything. Part of this is because the international release is about 20 min shorter than the Korean release.

I have a feeling this was based off of a manga or anime, but I havent been able to find anything on the net. Which brings me to my question, anyone know about that? I swear I have heard about this premise before in a manga but I cannot remember where.

Either way its a pretty cool movie =)

I’ve never heard of it. What the hell is it about?

How could you have a live action anime?

The plot makes no sense at all.

Ther main character is this guy who’s been expelled from various schools because of his powers. So he has to go to volcano high and tries not to use his powers. There was uh…a big war between teachers and students years ago, and some stuff happens and the teachers hire another guy with powers to keep the students in line. And there’s a lot of fighting for no reason and the students win. That’s about it

Oh, and the main character and some guy like the same kendo girl. And um…there’s another guy with powers who’s suspended or something like that, and he gives his strength to the main character to help him fight the teachers.

Its an MTV production with voicovers by famous rappers. You don’t have to say much more than that.

It sounds like a hentai. At least, it sounds very freaky and cliché. It should be needless to say, but based on what people have said: I’m not going to watch it.

I saw the subtitled version not the dubbed one so i have no idea how bad the voice acting is in the dubbed.

The plot is completely off the wall and makes no sense as said above. I honestly think it is based off a manga or anime somewhere. I remember reading about one that had a similar plot but went into much more depth.