Voice Reels

Ok, so, I took a couple voice over classes a while back and I’m only getting around to posting my voice reels now. :P. I’m going on the HONOR system here as my phone number is on them. So please, do me a favor and don’t make asses of yourself.

The one I don’t like too much

The one I like.

You can say they suck all you want, I don’t care.

Is a voice reel like a try-out? Or a voice resume?

A voice reel is a smaller sample of what I can do. It’s kind of like a resume, I’ll be submitting them to agents over the next month or so to try and get one to sign me.

I give it a 4.2 out of 5 :maho:

Dude, your voice’s great! The second file sounds like those things we hear in the Grand Theft Auto radio.

Damn nice, man. I hope you make it.

Not bad. Good luck.

The Resident Evil 4 part kicks ass. Nice tapes.

I like the last one from Voice Reel 2, and the second one from Voice Reel 1, a WHOLE lot. Your other ones are really good too, though sometimes your soft t’s shine in a little too much. That’s not meant as a slight by any means - that was really good, man.

You sound great. I expect to hear your voice on the radio/TV/film soon :wink:

Well this is a surprise. Usually you people tell me I suck. :P. This is why I wanted to do the radio plays a while back, so I could exercise my voice. Apathy, RPGC’s number one cause of nothing happening. :P. Thanks for the positive feedback.

No, people don’t tell you that you suck, they tell you that you’re an ass. ;D

It was a pleasure to listen to your recordings. I like the sound of your voice!

Question though - what exactly are people looking for when hiring voices? What would set one apart from the rest?

It’s hard to explain what they’re looking for. But you learn quickly what is a good show/commercial and whats a bad one. Basically as long as it doesn’t sound like your acting and you have a good vocal range you might get jobs. But your voices have to be marketable, if they’re not marketable then neither are you.

Oh, and Vicki: [u]PLAY BTN!!! [/u]

That was very good actually.I thought the first one was awesome, though you could use a little work on your colored priest voice over :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, uh, I have since rerecorded said Preacherbot bit and it’s quite a bit more energetic and loud. But it’s on tape and my instructor is in the background acting like a member of the congregation so I can’t use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, that certain je ne sais quoi then…

… and ARGH, I’ll do it next year. :smiley:

You said that like, two years ago. :stuck_out_tongue: