Voice Acting!

Well, in about 30 minutes I’ll be leaving to take my first class in a course at the biggest film school in Western Canada. It’s a voice acting course! And since the cartoon industry is HEYOOG here in Vancouver, one day I may be one of the voices behind a random butchered-in-translation anime :P. WOO!

Awesome, cartoons rule. I was at Vanarts for about a week during a work experience program with my old highschool, that was fun. Good luck with that.

Go Janog of the Jungle :smiley:

I swear if I ever hear you take part in the butchering of OP, no amount of distance between us will save you.

Lucky you.
At least try and sound emotional!

Congrats Jango.

I plan on making a trip to Finland’s biggest dubber one day aswell, since they’re looking for new voiceovers aswell :wink:

Dude, thats 4Kids! If I ever get an audition for 4Kids I’m likely to refuse, since I’m morally obligated to hate them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck and if you ever get the chance, assassinate all your co-workers and colleagues. We’ll all be thankful.

Yeah, thats just about my only way into the industry unless I make some friends 'cause it’s apparently a very, very closely knit group of actors and directors who get teh roles etc. >.<

Have fun, maybe we’ll see you in some future anime?

Unless you have a generic anime-type voice, they’ll never pick you. I do hope you become the next Douglas Taylor.

Yeah, considering the Douglas Taylor bio I’m looking at has him doing nothing of real interest and anything all that widely known. I’d rather become the next Scott McNeil, best known for his roles as Duo Maxwell in Gundam Wing and a good third of the Beast Wars cast, or David Kaye, Megatron from BW and an almost unbelievable variety of others, then I would someone who had roles in animes and cartoons I’ve never even heard of. And a generic anime voice is a simple matter, I could do one in my sleep. All you have to do is choose a voice and talk like you’re emotionally stunted and you’ve got the generic American anime voice.