Vladimir Putin = Vampire?

Apparently, that’s what his image is being built to be like. Seriously.

I’m not quite sure why a “prime minister” would want to be a virile vampire, but…okay?

Sounds like he has “krisma.”

And lots of it.

Among his admirers was Vera, who was attracted to Mr Putin’s “charisma and charm” and whom Mr Putin liked in return for “her ability to do house chores well”.

He’s an old fashioned kind o’ guy.

KGB vampire? Sure, why not. >_>

He visited a stripclub? Risque!

Weiila: “The magazine includes topless pictures of Mr Putin”. Take notes for Thrall :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s definitely a risque move for a politician to do something like that.

Damn! Putin is now up dere wid Mr. T and Chuck Norris on my “Awesome List!” Guy fraggin’ satisfies his women!!

sees Zero’s new avatar Sorry to go off topic, but dat is REALLY creepy. GOD DAMN YOU, BURGER KING KING!!!

Russia’s greatest love machine