Viva Pinãta

Clearly, if there is a God, then He hates His creations.

I present to you: <A HREF=“”>Viva Piñata</A>.

This terrible, TERRIBLE marketing scheme, described by some as a mixture of Animal Crossing and Pokémon (in its game form, anyway, it’s also a TV show and a line of toys) was brought to us by the same terrible minds that thought up Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Banjo Kazooie. That’s right, it was created by Rare, the once cool company that brought us Battletoads and Goldeneye has been reduced to Viva Piñata, and has, in fact, <A HREF=“”>infested their website with the terrible creatures</A>.

Perhaps my first statement was incorrect. Perhaps, if there is a God, He looks down upon His creations and cries tears of blood.

[edit: before someone mentions it, I put the little squiggly thing above the wrong letter in the title of this post. My apologies. I clearly don’t speak a language that uses that symbol.]

Ew. Piñatas.

Hey, I liked Banjo Kazooie!

That doesn’t make these people any less terrible.

Been a while since we last got to do this, but…

Awww. the little bunny thing looks cute!

… Gah. Yeah, aimed at Teh Little Kids, all right.

I don’t see how this can possibly be worse than that Curse of Pinata Island movie I saw because the TV in the comuter lounge at Duquesne was set on some channel that was having a horrible B-horror movie marathon. I mean, who sets a horror movie in broad daylight? And the monster alternated between a crappy man-shaped piece of driftwood and a crappy CGI monster.

Hey, don’t mock Banjo Kazooie! It’s really good! :frowning:

No it’s not. It’s rubbish.

No, no, no. There was once a God, but then he looked down upon his creations and at what they had created, and by his will, he died. He committed suicide.

You can’t blame him.

Where do gods go when they die? New Jersey?

Where everything goes when they die: Branson, Missouri.

What the hell rare? Make another Killer Instinct allready.

Oh my god, I’m NOT the only one who saw that piece of crap? I ADORE god-awful horror movies.

Well you have to admit, after seening those creatures I do have to urge to bash them into a bloody pulp with a bat. Except I don’t want there candy, I just want to put them out of there miserable deformed lives.

It was the best platformer out at its time. I devoted myself to the game for a couple weeks during the summer that I got it, and I was replaying it by the end of August.

Better platformers have come out since then, though.

For the record, though not strictly related, this thread makes me think of <i>Good Omens</i>, where the London transportation system turns out to be a massive evil magic symbol.

World of Pie.

Really? I’d’ve thought this’d belong more in the London Underground Thread.