Virus alert

I know you all are smart enough for not catching computer viruses, but spread the news to your most lammer friends.

Hmm, how stupid do you have to be to open these? I haven’t seen this myself, but I’ve received three viruses that claim to be from “admin@[domain]” with a bunch of giberish and claiming you need to open the giberish text file attachment to maintain your email adress. Obviously bull when it’s a college email.

Seriously, you’ve got to be a jerk to open one of those… no offense to the people of the… 87 countries -in which probably Argentina is included sob- that were affected by the virus…

I always delete all emails that aren’t from someone I know, so I shouldn’t have a problem with this one.

On another note, what kind of name for a virus is Bagel? o_O

A tasty one?

Who could be stupid enough to fall for that?

…And, about 8 months from now, Strong Bad will no doubt write a song about “Osigabdoy”. :get it?:

…And seriously, the odds of me falling for that are slim to bugger all. I’ve lost count of the amount of legitimate emails I’ve blasted for being too suspect… :wink:

I’ve been hit by that, not very hard though. It stopped at the second email.

I need to find an anti-virus program that is compatible with Windows 2003. You would imagine it would have been flooded with them by now, being a server operative system and all.

Yea, i got this email.

Deleted it though.