Virtua Fighter : The Anime

Since this anime was pre-VF4 AND VF3 (where everyone got a good gloss-over and a few got costume changes which made them look really fucking cool), Iw as a bit reticent.

Well, it’s perfectly understanding, because it’s not that good. Only two things are absolutely good and must-sees in this anime

-Akira’s one-liners (which are probably translation blurbs which only happen in the dub)
-The Virtua Fighter announcer (in the dub, at least, it’s so fucking funny because at one point in the series, he starts making up words that end in -ble, or uses words that make no bloody sense.)

Apart from that, the plotline is very…erm, stupid. Take the original Virtua Fighter plot (yes, there apparantly is one), and water it down even more. Make sure there are very homosexual moments (Wolf and Akira’s scene was just cliché) and that your drawing style looks like absolute ass, and you have Virtua Fighter, the anime.

However, just for the announcer and quotes such as : “Hey, do I have to wear this suit? It makes me look like a pimp.”, it deserves to be seen.

No Goh? What is the point of seeing it then… unless Kagemaru is in it.