Violence and Video Games: source plz

I’m looking for information on violence and video games; specifically, studies and articles and whatnot which say exactly why (or at least prove) video games don’t cause violence any more than anything else. Maybe for good measure some of those “videogames are evil” articles that get all their information from previous articles to that effect and assumptions.

Google it. That should come up with something decent, but it’s a crap-shoot. If you’re a student, check to see if your school gives you access to ProQuest, which is much more reliable. Check out the nearest Psychology club; they’ve probably had focus discussions or lecturers in about it.

And that’s assuming you’re in college. You are, right?

I think Ben Affleck said it best on g4 after playing UT 2004 and GTA some times he think about what if i pot this guy in the head or jack this guys car . You Just must know right for wroug in life it is Just a Felling you get

This was written shortly after the Columbine shootings, when the nation was in an uproar about the subject. Fairly interesting read even if you don’t find it helpful.

Just go to and search for “violence” and “video games” and you’ll find plenty of Dateline quotes, NBC Nightly News stories, and AP articles.

And one more from Prof. Jenkins:
Reality Bytes: Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked

  1. The availability of video games has led to an epidemic of youth violence.
  2. Scientific evidence links violent game play with youth aggression.
  3. Because games are used to train soldiers to kill, they have the same impact on the kids who play them.
  4. Video game play is desensitizing.