This site’s kinda old, but it’s still hilarious! Hohoho.

So…many…typos it hurts;_;

this is a joke right?

Lol, I hope so.

It’s rather obvious that it’s a parody. And a rather good one, I think.

cant think straight… too absurd… grahh… muhh! brgh! ghnyaahh!

Bloody hell…

That was just absurd, even if it was a parody.

It’s true. Pink and Red don’t ever go together well.

It is a cute picture of Vincent in the logo.


I especially like the close up of his sexy eye. ;x

What is Vincent’s story anyway. I got him in the game, but I had no idea what his deal was.

A turk that fell in love with Hojo’s assistant. The girl didn’t pay attention and married Hojo. Her and Hojo’s son got used to test the SOLDIER treatment while in the womb and when Vincent (Who still was around) tried to talk her out of it, Hojo got tired and locked him up as a ginea pig. The End.

And that son grew up to be Sephiroth.
REAL end.

Bah, details.

AND his mother left Hojo to go live under a waterfall.

AND I’m pretty sure BlueMageOne was being sarcastic.

Eh? Why? The location of Vincent’s flashback was pretty darn obscure, that’s why there are still so many people that don’t understand where Sephiroth came from.

Because BlueMageOne has been here for ages, longer than me even. He’s the king of sarcasm. The king, I tell ya!