Villains for Spiderman 3

We all know Spider Man has a third movie coming out, and I hope that the villain for him will be Venom/Carnage. I mean, how awesome of a fight would it be between those two? Hob Goblin would work. But I would really like to see Venom in the next movie.

Well the Green Goblin will return in the third one. The venom rumor has been flying around for a while, but if you saw SM2, you know that that’s probalby not gonna happen.

I haven’t seen SM2 yet, plan to this weekend.

Oops. goes to jot down the spoiler code

Either they’re going to have the Green Goblin return as Harry, or make him the Hobgoblin. I think he’ll become the Hobgoblin because Hobgoblin became who he is because he discovered Green Goblins stuff, just as Harry did. But who knows.

Definitely The Kangaroo or Rocket Racer.

Harry became the green goblin to avenge his father in the comic. Harry never became the hobgoblin.

Yeah, problem with the Hobgoblin thing. The Hobgoblin came before the Green Goblin so that villains out of the picture. And I really don’t think they would have the two Green Goblins just one movie apart. The way I think it should go is Venom, then Spider Man and Venom Vs. Carnage, then the Green Goblin 2.

Hobgoblin came after.

Yeah. Hobgoblin didn’t appear until Amazing #238. That’s after the first three Green Goblins.

The Legion Of Losers (Kangaroo, Gibbon, Grizzly and the Spot). :stuck_out_tongue:
Or maybe other classic enemies like Chameleon or Electro.


Doctor Connor is now know as The Lizard.
And Venom would be cool too

They could have Harry become Venom instead.

No, I’m not saying I LIKE the idea. I’m saying it could happen. This is Hollywood we’re talking about, after all. Reimi is mostly faithful to the comics, but all it would take is a disagreement with the studio for him to be replaced.

And Carnage is cooler than Venom- but it would be pointless to have them both in the same movie.

Oh I know that, its just in the same manner as the Hobgoblin came about

Who cares if Carnage is cooler? Venom came first, and had an actual link with Spiderman. Actually, I’d like the whole Venom storyline done. Yeah

True, in the original series the Green Goblins came first, but depending on what the movies are basing their information upon, the Hobgoblin’s origin comes before the Green Goblin’s in some of the cartoons and in one of the newer comic series. (Never entirely sure since there’s multiple versions of the comics) And the Harry becoming the Hobgoblin wouldn’t really work because as far as I’m aware the Hobgoblin relies mainly upon his own ingenuity and weaponry. He doesn’t have the enhanced abilities that the Green Goblins had. And they wouldn’t make Harry become Venom since the character of Eddie Brock was apparently introduced in the first movie and Venom is about 3 times Harry’s physical size.

I think Venom is likely to make an appearance in the third or fourth movie, as the scenario has already been subtly set up. Think about it… John Jameson (MJ’s ex-fiancee) is an astronaut, and will likely take another voyage out into space. Say he stumbles upon the symbiote on one of his missions; it would put the whole saga into motion. If John Jameson turns into Venom, he would already have a vendetta for Peter Parker (Spiderman) for stealing away his fiancee.

I’m thinking the Lizard since they already introduced Dr. Conners. Why not?

Hmm, I don’t remember them introducing Brock =/