Viewtiful World

So I picked up a copy of Viewtiful Joe the other day, since it was cheap and I needed new games. I fucking love the game, and finished a playthrough on Adults tonight. Fire Leo was tough until I somehow did 2 bars of damage in one attack sequence <_<

Anyway, upon completion of the game I noticed something was missing, namely the " Viewtiful World" music video, which I had been quite looking forward to. Some googling gave me some vague guesses about how it was dummied out for the PAL release, the very concept of which makes my mind boggle. However, I couldn’t really find solid confirmation/reasoning why anywhere. As I’m pretty damn interested in being able to watch it on something else than shitty quicktime, like my tv, I was wondering if any of you fine fellows knows anything more about this? Preferably something along the lines of “Clear Ultra V-Rated to unlock it” so my hopes and dreams aren’t smashed to pieces on the jagged rocks of reality.

Much obliged.

It was in the options menu after beating the game for the NTSC version. Do you have an options menu in the PAL version?

Yes, and it didn’t appear in there after clearing Adults mode, nor did it actually play after clearing.

If it’s simply dummied out, wouldn’t that mean it’s still on the disc? Is there a PAR code that’ll allow you access to it? If not, I’m sure you could use the PSO trick to play a ripped copy of the US or JP NTSC releases.

I’m fairly sure it’s still actually located on the disc, but I was hoping for a more legit way of unlocking it, that doesn’t involve me buying 2 copies of the same game.

Sell yours. :smiley:

I’d check to see if there’s a PAR code to unlock it on the PAL version, but their website is down (again… >_<)



Attempt to rent a non PAL copy?


That’s over $50 USD! The US version sells for $20 USD! <A HREF=“”>You could get the US version for €11.67</A> (minus shipping and any import taxes).

Yeah, I know. It’s retarded.

You know, this makes me wonder why you didn’t just import the US version to begin with… >_>

the game was ok

As that requires EFFORT, and generally the PAL versions of games do get the extra shit <_<

Well, I tell you what. Next time a major game comes out on GCN that you’re thinking about buying, if it’s cheaper over here, let me know and I’ll buy it, you can paypal me the money, and then I’ll mail it your way.

I really should get a Freeloader <_<