Videospirit, why do some people hate him so.

I have decided to try and make myself more liked among the rpgclassics community. but to do this I must find out why some people don’t like me in the first place. I give you permission to flame spit on or anally rape me in this thread if you so desire but please at least tell me why and back it up.

It’s cause you’re an emotional masochist who wants to be put down to validate your insecurities, and in turn, justify your hatred toward the world, instead of concentrating on your strengths and making yourself into a better person who isn’t so obsessed with how others perceive him.

What dumbo said. Only with more cussing and putting you down.

Really I could care less about how you percieved me until I started getting banned from channels I genuinly wanted to be in. So I figured since the person who banned me is now ignoring me I figurd I’d go find out what could make someonehate me this much in the first place. Seriously though how am I a emotional masochist. And really. I’m not insecure at all.

By the options you put in. Fucktard? Is gay? “Radiates an aura of not-likeyness”? Do you think you’re funny or advertising outstanding morals by putting those options in? The least you could have done, if you wanted to <b>genuinely</b> improve yourself was not advertise your poll in the chat and put those <i>stupid</i> options in (including the “Stupid” one).

Actually. everyone of those options has been given to me for an answer when I asked a person why they don’t like me.

And you can’t demonstrate enough intelligence or maturity to leave out the ones that are obviously not real answers?

I foun them humourous so I threw them in and some people have checked a few of them off already. It just stopped them from saying it in the post really.

If by “few” you mean “one” (which was justified by your inclusion of those other options) then yes. If you’re throwing in joke options then obviously you’re not taking this poll seriously in an effort to improve yourself. So why should anyone else take it seriously either?

Well. From the lash of rude offensive remarks I expected I’d get I figured I’d throw those in as extras and put the serious ones first. and I’m pretty sure I can’t change it now but I don’t knoiw everything there is aobut this message board. exspecially since the change.

That was the most disjointed post I’ve seen in a while. Instead of hoping for some magically constructive criticism out of a “lash of rude offensive remarks” you could have made a poll that would discourage those rude offensive remarks. And <b>what</b> does a board change have to do with what options you include in a poll?

The format is strange to me. Things aren’t quite where they used to be. for instance I can no longer click on tye user cp without being logged in so must make it 2 actions now. At first i thought the user cp had been removed because of this.

Yes, that crazy user cp button sure is relevant.

I dont really know you, but i dont really think any of those things are ways to describe you.

How could you get into the User CP without being logged in? That makes no sense.

Ohhhhhhh noooooooooooo nobody on an a stupid message board laaaaaaaaaaaavs me! sobsobsob

I have nothing against you Video.

No but many people in the chat do. An on it’s own right I couldn’t give a dam but when they have the power to ban me simply because they don’t like me I get annoyed and want to know why they don’t like me. Of course they still wo’t speak to me so I mak poll to ask everyone that doesn’t like me why. And before I could click on user cp(Menu) and it would bring up a screen to log in and when I logged in it would take me to my user cp. Now I have to log in then click on user cp. not much extra work but it confused me at first.

I don’t know what to say about chat. I don’t go to it so I have no idea how they treat you. But you really shouldn’t care what others think, mainly because years from now it’s unlikely you will still interact with them.

I believe that you were banned from the chat for pressing certain controversial issues when a moderator asked everyone to stop, but correct me if I’m wrong.