Videogame music er.. written

I was wondering if there were any places that had videogame music actually like… written down (I can’t think of a better word). Mostly just the Metroid: Prime “fanfare” I guess you could call it. There are more than a few others I would like to play though.

Sheet music, you mean?

Yes, yes! And I don’t mind what cleff (Spelling?) it’s in. I can easily change it to whatever

That site has a page dedicated to RPG sheet music.

Sweet, thank you. Has sex with GG

Just google for _____ sheet music. ____ being the game youre thinking of.

Did you try searching the agora? We’ve had a bazillion of these requests before.

No :slight_smile: Thanks CH

Woops, clicked the wrong thread. Never been a fan of game music. But you should be able to find the guitar tabs etc. at sites on the net. Just google it.