Video Game Related Carpentry Problem

So here’s what’s up. This Saturday is my campus’ Quadstock and my club will have a DDR booth. Now because our booth is on grass and since it’s prone to be wet in Seattle I built a platform for the pads to be on. Now here’s the issue: How do I attach soft DDR pads to plywod in a way that I’ll be able to remove them afterwards without damaging them? I was thinking ducttape but that just seems like it would leave sticky residue all over pads. Any ideas?

The platform is a frame comprised of 2"x4"s with a plywood top with over all dimensions ~ 4’x8’x3".

Painter’s tape. That blue tape painter’s use (well, real ones don’t use it as often as do-it-yourselfers). It won’t be as strong as duct tape, but it should suffice. You might have to retape every few rounds, but that’s the price you pay when you want something that can later be removed without hassle.

I used cloth mats stabled to plywood. It worked great. I used 8 large staples per mat: 1 in each corner and 1 in the middle of each side. I know of 2 other people that did the same.

Do you really need to unstaple the mats from the plywood? If so, why?

Actually, that cloth is a good idea. Some old towels or what have you stapled should give enough traction.

You could also construct an overlay to screw down to the plywood to keep the mat from going anywhere.

And if you wanted to get really fancy you could add straps to the underside of the overlay that could hold the center of the mat down without getting in your way.

And you could also tape those straps to the mat so that your feet won’t slip underneath them whilst dancing.