Video Game Movie

I saw ign’s fake zelda trailer. That made me wonder . . .
Does anyone have a video game move they want to see? Does anyone hate/like any video game movies? I’d be happy to hear your opinions.

Samus or Master Chief could probably make a great movie. Or in some odd twist they get paired up fighting metroids that were infected by flood and have to blast their way through an infected space station to get to a ship and nuke the station. And they could also have some marines who ultimately die off because of the Floodtroids.

Maybe not a single movie, but I always thought FFVI would, when you think about it, adapt very nicely into a couple of movies, or maybe a mini-series.

DarkBallad: Ever seen Haloid? :sunglasses:

Most RPGs are unfortunately way too long and complex to make two-hour movies. 8-(

I’m sure there’s only about 2-3 hours of narration once you cut away the 60+ hours of random battles.

Ok, maybe 5. A mini-series, like someone else said.

It’s a lot more than that for most RPGs. Not all of them, granted, but most.

What should be a movie that unfortunately won’t happen: Ogre Battle. With old Queen music playing for the majority of the soundtrack.

What shouldn’t be a movie that unfortunately will happen:

sad face

Interesting idea, and I agree. ogrebattle would make an AWESOME campaign movie.

I’ve always thought most rpgs would make good anime shows.

And many of them often do.

Wait, what rpgs were turned into anime? The only one I can think of right now is Utawarerumono.

Oh geeze, you scared me. I saw the topic of this thread and immediately thought “The people behind the Scary Movie franchise and the flops that followed are making Video Game Movie now? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

Star Ocean
Tales of Eternia
Tales of Phantasia
Chrono Trigger
Ragnarok Online

They’re usually corny/slow OR you have to have played the game to have any idea of what’s going on OR it’s animated by Shigeru Miyamoto OR it’s like 4-6 episodes long and not satisfying at all. Generally RPGs->anime results in appealing to a very niche market.

The most common method of game->anime conversion is by converting LIKE EVERY SINGLE VISUAL NOVEL GAME:
Fate/stay night

Star Ocean 2, Tales of Eternia, Xenosaga, Disgaea, arguably FF Unlimited, and I believe there was a Dragon Quest anime at some point. Those are just the more popular ones.

There was, indeed, a dragon quest anime. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Of course, this was before I gave a damn about the series, so it didn;t appeal much to me.

I actually wrote an article in the anime section about a good dragon quest manga. I guess I didn’t think of it since it is only loosely related to the games. By the way, I really liked the aforementioned manga and would like it if those interested looked at my rant about the series and link to the manga.

Tales of Symphonia has an anime adaptation as well. It differs from the original just about as much Tales of Phantasia did… wait… not that much.

Speaking of video games adapted into animation… The Legend of Zelda, anyone? >_>;

Ask and you shall receive Mabbat…

And since it’s been brought up here are a few more examples as to why video games should remain as video games.

Here and here.

From Capcom with love.

Here and here.

I haven’t forgotten 'bout you Sega fans either.

Here, here, here, and here.

This thread and I seem to be getting a little bit off track here. Especially with that last link which had nothing to do with Sega (at least until Brawl).

Anyway to give my answer to the thread’s original question. No.

As stated earlier in the thread the games that I would like to see done justice haven’t been handled very well and they don’t seem to be getting better either. I’m more in favor of the anime series idea, but I happen to be wary of those too, their track record while better than LAMs tend to vary greatly in quality. The closest thing to a movie that I would like to see a video game as would be in the form of an OVA. If done correctly a live action mini series would be acceptable as well.

Still if this trailer is correct then there may yet be hope for VG to Film conversions.

Captain N kicks more ass than you would ever know. The original sonic cartoon (and the ABC one in Knothole) were great.

That’s what I thought too. I’d probably watch it, not laugh at all, and feel like I wasted my $9.