Video game idea; Square-Enix Greatest hits

all right, here’s the idea. A PS-2 or PS-3 DVD with all of Square Enix’s best games that didn’t make it to the States, and would also include retranslations of games like FF6 which were toned down for American audiences.

The game roster would include:

Bahamut Lagoon
Chrono Trigger
Dragon Quest I-VI
Final Fantasy III (j- wonderswan color style)
Final Fantasy VI (retranslation, with better load times)
Romancing Saga 1-3
Seiko Densetu 3
Treasure Hunters G

what do you guys think? Would it all fit on one dvd? does a Ps-2 dvd have the capabilities to run that many different games smoothly?

If they could fit it all in, they could also do a complete Square-Enix 8 & 16 bit collection with:

Bahamut Lagoon
Chrono Trigger
Dragon Quest I-VI
Final Fantasy I-VI
Illusion of Gaia
Romancing Saga 1-3
Secret of Mana
Seiko Densetu 3
Treasure Hunters G


They’d make a lot more money if they put them all on seperate discs. :smiley:

No, they’d do what Squeenix does best and push more pretty stuff at us instead of pretending to be Nintendo and rereleasing the same stuff over and over again.

Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bahamut Lagoon released stateside if they kept it perfectly intact.

Correction, that’s what <I><B>Square</B></I> does best. Enix, on the other hand, re-releases their games all the time. Dragon Quest I is available on at least five different platforms that I can think of off the top of my head. DQ3 is on three different platforms, and DQ4 is on two. Actraiser, one of their SNES classics (which needs to be on that list, see below), was recently remade for cell-phone, as were FF1 and DQ1.

Personally, I think a project like that would never happen, especially not on one disc. I can imagine a “Square-Enix Anthologies Collection” or something, that’s released on a series of discs, perhaps 2-3 games per discs. Capcom and Namco do it in Japan all the time, so it’s not too bizarre of a theory. However, some games would need to be added to that list:

3D Worldrunner
Actraiser (and Actraiser 2 if you have to)
Alcahest (I think Hal actually holds the rights to this one, so it may be in Nintendo’s hands)
Front Mission 1, 2, Gun Hazard, and Alternative
Hanjyuku Hero series
King’s Knight
Live A Live
Mischeif Makers (perhaps in Treasure’s hands)
Rad Racer
Soulblazer series (Soulblazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma)
Torneko/Chocobo series’

They could easily release the Chocobo’s Dungeon series over here. Maybe price it at 20 bucks, like KD, and they’d have a cult hit.

Some of their games i doubt would catch on, even with the “not-so-hardcore” RPG playing crowd. But games like Chocobo and maybe even SD3 and their other adventures games would do well.

Well I suppose they could do two different ones a Square on and an Enix one, to make more money.

Square has:

Bahamut Lagoon
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Front Mission
Secret of Mana
Secret of Evermore
Seiko Densetu III
Romancing Saga
Romancing Saga II
Romancing Saga III
Treasure Hunters G

I think that could fit all on one DVD…I know I’d buy that in a second. I doubt Super Mario RPG would make it, but…big loss right?

Sure they could all fit… but if they could charge $20 or more for EACH game, why on earth would they do it?

I really doubt they could get 20 dollars a game anymore. May have worked during Anthology and Chronicles. If this happened, it probably wouldn’t happen for another year or two. I really doubt Final Fantasy 6 would be as commercially viable in 2006 or 2007 as it was in 1999 when it was last reissued.

I rather liked Final Fantasy Anthology and Chronicles. Square tweaked a few things, but left the game intact. What they did with Final Fantasy Origins was terrific.

Anthology had a some bad translation work on FF5 and terrible load times on FF6; that was inexcusable. However, it was still a great package.

If they made a box set with PSX or PS2 or PS3 remakes of them all, and priced it at $500, hell, I’d buy it.

Perhaps 500 is a bit too steep, but I am sure people would buy it if it were made better than the normal ones.

I think it’d be a great idea to re-release them… and keep them intact! I’m a nostalgia freak… so I need to original! And I’m sure a lot of people would LOVE it…


You mean complete shit. Squeenix hasn’t put out a good game since…KH.

And that’s debateable.

Yeah, but the idea would be magnificent. Bahamut Lagoon! That game only is enough, let alone the whole pack. On the other hand i would go on a pilgrimage to the Squenix if they made a Bahamut Lagoon 2 for the PS2.
But sadly the above won’t happen.

Scratch my previous idea. Get all the Final Fantasy games in their original cart/disc/whatever form. So they’d have the following:

FF1 (cart)
FF2 (cart)
FF1&2 (cart)
FF1&2 (disc)
FF3 (cart)
FF4 (cart)
FF4 (disc)

And et cetera. I’m too lazy to type it all. And put it all in a box set with some posters, and price it at $500-$600. Then you’d probably buy it.

Good lord, no. Who on earth would pay five times over for the exact same game in different formats, especially considering the majority of people no longer have the systems that support said formats?

For nostalgia reasons?

Gonna grab the money from your mom’s purse?