Video conversion software?

I’ve been downloading Anime lately and a clear flaw in my PC has arisen: My 400Hz processor is way too crappy.

Stuff like .wmv works nearing perfection but every time I try to play an .avi file the sound and video get unsynchronized, the image plays to slow, some frames are skipped and I can practically hear my CPU coughing and wheezing from the effort.

I’ve been looking for some program that would convert .avi files into any other format with now luck yet. Any suggestions? Preferably free?

And if all related programs are considered Warez, then I apologize again and ask the mods to close the thread… and you PM and tell me where to get it anyway. go there, they got a fuckload of links to such software, including DVDSanta. It allows you to convert .avi files to a DVD-compatible format!