Video Capture Card

I was wondering what a good video capture card is for taking screencaps of games. I’d like the name and possibly a website to get it.

Here a Company site of mine:

I would not recomend the older USB model as it can pass a thumbnail but not full screen. I have got it. I would advise getting an Internal one for a Desktop. You will need a bit of PC knowallage.

If you have an older console getting Images via the Aerial plug requires tuning and fine tuning. But all Modern consoles I think are sold with S-Video plugs and in EU with Euro-SCART (or just more commanly known SCART) Adapters.

I’d make sure before recording video that you can see what you’re doing on screen if you’ve got to DO Something. (ie Battle, walking with chance of random battle) Most Software have options to do it.

I have used a discontued model of a USB TV Tuner Look from a PAL System which make the game look worse:

(FFX-2 Besaid Island Ch3) (Brother: More More!)

Since My surplier will not surply out side the UK I can’t surgest them.

Are there shops where I can buy them in? Like a Wal-mart, or somethin’?

No, Video Capture cards aren’t exactly sold in many stores…usually the internet is a good source for one…you coudl also ask the nearest gamer or computer shop about it.

Hauppauge and ATI make the best ones. If you can, get a All-In-Wonder card, but if you’ve already got a decent video card, an ATI TV Wonder or Hauppauge WinTV will work just fine.

The ATI Radeon All-In-One is very good. Timbermoon used it for her Dark Cloud shrine.

EDIT: On a side note, I can’t afford a card, but I still want to take pictures from my TV. Do you think it would be possible with a webcam?

They would be really, really bad, graphically…unless you have a GOOD cam, & it’s positioned right.

How much does an average Capture-card go for?

When I got mine, it was about $100 CDN. Being that over two years ago, I would say a good one is going for slightly less than that right now.

Oh, and I got mine at Staples. Try there.

I spent $125 on my ATI Radeon 9200 Xtasy video card like a year ago, and I don’t want to buy another. Web can pictures aren’t really possible because you get lines through the picture from interference (You get the same thing when you try with a digital camera). I’ll look at ATI TV Wonder or Hauppauge WinTV.

Do you have to have an s-video slot on your tv? I already have one on my computer.

OK, We need more information. The S-video on your PC is probably is S-Video OUT if is on your graphics card. Most S-video Plugs have YELLOW plastic, so you don’t get confuesed with Simlar Plugs. (Most NEW Graphic cards Mid range have an S-Video out Either the phono or 5 pin)

I got mine from my local PC Store but since it is very good it has almost any thing you need. I know ASDA (UK name for WAL-MART) does not stock any thing close to it. You’d better ask around about them. I’ve only seen about 5 stores including all the computer fair have them.

Big Nutter
My parents got mine for ~£30 (~US$60) and it is great if you want to watch NHL over Night in your Room. I did last year. But not for Capturing Images for Shrines.

My ATI was about $250 and its really good.
The price was $250, but there was a sale at Best Buy and I got it for $150. :cool:

Whoops I’ve occantally meant the Composite A/V (Red, White, and Yellow Plugs) not S-Video.


I spent $125 on my ATI Radeon 9200 Xtasy video card like a year ago, and I don’t want to buy another.
The Hauppauge kit runs better you to have a good machine with a decent card like yours.

I got the ATI TV Wonder Pro that I’m running now for about $80, but it’s VERY HARD to play video games on an ATI card. Because you can use the card to record video, all video comes with a 1-3 second delay. This makes playing games impossible (you push right, you wait a second, you go right), especially during action scenes (you push right, then take a sharp left, you move right seconds later, pass the opening, then run into a wall). If you get an ATI card (which I still suggest), use a third party piece of software like DScaler or TV Time (on Linux) to play the games, and take snappies from there.

If you’re just using the card to get pics from games, I’d lean farther towards the Hauppauge side of the field, just cause they don’t have the momentary delay.

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