I FINALLY got a copy of Suikoden 2! My PS library is almost complete! This would make the first system that I’ve been collecting for it from day 1 to its dying breath that I was actually able to buy the games I wanted when they came out. Of course, I’m obsessive compulsive, so there’ll be other games I’ll buy and all, but at least I’ve got all of the important ones I really wanted.

It’s really not all that important to all of you, but I’m pretty happy. :smiley:

<Img src=“”> Heh, sweet Sat. I saw one in the stores the other day, and wanted to contact you about it, but there’s no need for that now. Where did you get it, and what sexual favors did you have to perform on who?

Wohoo! Congrats, Sat, I remember how sad you were before when a friend of yours snagged a copy and wouldn’t sell it to you :slight_smile:

Congrats Sat! Suikoden II is the best of the series so far in my opinion. I hope you still have you Suikoden save…

Good, I’m glad that you finally found it.

Good fer you! :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to find me a copy of Suikoden to try out…

Super fantastic game! I love it so!

Saturn, there will always be another game for you to buy, but I’m glad your addiction is somewhat satisfied :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done, man, I know the feeling of finally getting a game you’ve longed for for ages :wink: Good luck with the rest of your collection :slight_smile:

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Saturn, there will always be another game for you to buy, but I’m glad your addiction is somewhat satisfied :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, too true. Just when I think “yeah, I’ve got all the games I want” a new one comes out and I’m all “Yes! Gotta get it!”

Congrats, Saturn. Scoring games from that series is no easy task. And I remember how close and yet far you seemed when that “friend” bought it but wouldn’t let you buy it off him even though you wanted it so much more than him.

Way to go.

Congrats Sat, may your addiction lead you to many years of rehab and therapy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m trying to complete my collections of “Every game Enix has published domestically” and “Every game Working Designs has published domestically.” There’s also a few enix imports I’m still after.

victoly hahaha

thats such a cool word

Mr. Waving Smilie, GoGoGo!

Congratulations. Although. I have no idea what the game is all about.

Excellent work Mr. Saturn! I too have the game even though I haven’t opened it up to play it yet. I do know that when I do, I’m in for a treat.

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[b]victoly hahaha

thats such a cool word [/b]

<img src=“”> Damn straight it is.