Vice City

I’m having trouble with the 5th mission from Cortez, All Hands on Deck.

After I shoot the first guys who pursue the yatch, there’s that blockade. I sink all the boats with the rocket launcher and the yatch still doesn’t seem to move one inch towards the way I’ve just cleared. And then there’s loads of agents getting onto the boat from the lower deck and from choppers. Is there an easy way to take them all down? Plus: I’m having trouble taking the helicopters down. I just can’t find see them untill the french start jumping from the choppers to the boat, and by the time I try and aim to take it down with a rocket, I’ve already been shot some 100 times.

What gun are you using to take down the agents who jump on board? Something lock-on and rapid fire so that you can move around is a really good choice. Even better; the Magnum (I think it’s the Colt Python in that game).

And I’ll recommend one more thing; those boats are in a chain, all together, right? That means, don’t waste your precious rockets on the boats; assault rifle one of them, and the others will weaken. Save your rockets for the helicopters.

It also goes without saying to bring body armor with you, and don’t worry too much about protecting Cortez; he takes a lot of punishment, and his men fight pretty well. If you need more health, there is a respawning health powerup on the boat, too.