VGMusic goes commercial...

Oh wait. No they didn’t. It turns out that a site, Ringophone has uhm… “borrowed” quite a few of the midis on and are now selling them as ringtones for 99 cents each.

Lovely. One has to wonder, really… As I understand it, many of the sequencers are right pissed.

Wonderful. The best part is that there’s nothing anyone can do.

Don’t tell them that. They have been going through several options.

Mmmm… well, they can’t do much since they have no legal rights on the stuff. However after checking out a thread in their forum, it seems like they are contacting those who do have rights over it: The gaming companies. Nintendo (yeah, THAT Nintendo) already answered that they are looking into it.

Heh. You’d be surprised what people can do when you tell them there’s nothing they can do.

“The best way to get you fools to do anything is to tell you it can’t be done, and darned if you don’t set out to prove me wrong as fast as possible.” Colonel Sherman Potter, MASH 4077.

Sorry, just sturck a memory in me. And glad to see they’re doing something about this.

Filthy thieves! I hope something is actually done about this. supports the music composers and pays copyright fees for all ringtone downloads. has blanket licenses from the appropriate music publishers and performing rights from ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.) makes every possible effort to identify the rights holder for each ringtone. However, if you are aware of any ringtones for which we do not hold the appropriate licenses, please e-mail We would be happy to sign a typical licensing agreement and pay the appropriate fees.

How does VGMusic know that they stole the MIDIs from them?

Apparently someone came upon the site and noticed that a fair few of the tones resembled some of the resequencing jobs done, and in a very close way…

It’s not like VGMusic ever had things on it that were originally punked from other Fan Music/Midi sections. While it’s sad, it’s life. Shit happens.

Huh, that sucks… I like

So? It’s the same with ripping. Not legal, but still work and you get pretty pissed if someone steals it. Try stealing a mafia bosses’ loot. I doubt he’ll go “oh sure go ahead and take it it’s not like I obtained this in a legal way in the first place anyway”

What I’m saying is, if what I said wasn’t the case, perhaps I’d feel pity. But! I don’t :stuck_out_tongue: