VGCats doing free signing.

Scott (creator of VGCats) is doing a free signing at the Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto, on December 17th; from 2PM onwards. They will be selling posters and assorted merchandise. All proceeds will go to the Child’s Play fundraising thingabobber going on between many gaming websites.

I, for one, will be there buying a poster, and getting it signed. I’m a long-time reader of VGCats, and I absolutely love Scott’s art style. I also think it’s really nice of him to donate all proceeds to the hospital itself.


NOOOOOO! I have an exam that day! : _ (

Where? Not that I’ll be there, of course. I’m leaving on the 15th >:(

Read the thread, Cless.

Scott always does free signings, hell, he does free sketches. Frankly, anyone that charges for a signature is a pretentious douchebag.

You mean he’s actually selling at the Hospital itself? That’s kinda silly since he’d have better luck in the downtown area.

Or a big time celebrity that’s going to some sort of 5 hour signing session. They generally charge only $5 a pop though.

It’s kind of hard to do signings in the downtown area outdoors ‘cause it’s pretty flippin’ cold.

I stand by my remark.

He should have thought of that BEFORE he was born mortal and without cold immunity

I wish I could go. -_- Why does Toronto have to be so far away?!

Wait we get a choice?

Negative, we do not. It’s completely random.