VG Cats hits a new low

Not in quality nor humor, but in… Well, let’s just say that the last comic has a very explicit cumshot (minus the ‘shot’ part, more likely).

It’s not like there haven’t been any heavily hardcore scenes, the alien oral rape one was already explicit enough, but that was a recurrent joke among whomever’d ever seen the alien facehuggers.

The CSI one, though, is not nearly like anything I’ve ever seen. In some sense it also reminded me of the Fruitfucker, for an unsuspecting victim could drink the result of his ejaculation thinking it was something else too. Just not confusing sperm with blood.

And to think it seemed such an innocent webcomic in its earlier days…

Now take your guess, will she spit or swallow?


and fruitfucker?

Sorry, fruit fucker. Two words, not just one.

The device.

The saga.

shrug I thought it was funny >.>

Uh. Ok?

You seriously think the alien one was hardcore? You realize you’re on the Internet, right?

I had forgotten for a moment this is RPGC. Okay, it is hardcore in comparison to the rest of the comics there. But I don’t see many comics besides Penny Arcade and VG Cats doing this kind of humor.

Clearly you aren’t spending enough time on the internet.

Tasteful? No. But I usually find lack of humor in VG cats more offending. This type goes to the yawn part of my mind.

The creators of some online comics just don’t know how to be funny. VG Cats, Mac Hall, and Bob and George are some of the worst offenders. Especially Mac Hall because the art is deceivingly well-done.

Eww. But yes, yawn.

Why MacHal?

Have you read their latest comic? Their humor is the equivalent of bad knock-knock jokes.

I have to admit though, the one right before it is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be such a prude. There are too many people like that already. Lighten the fuck up.

And no that’s not a new low for VGCats, I’m totally not surprised. This is exactly VGCats’ territory. Some people like VGCats’ usually more brash sense of humor. Some don’t. As demonstrated in this thread. For example, I’m sure there are people here that like Will Ferrel and Adam Sandler, whose humor I loathe. Doesn’t matter.

(Alyx wins 5 points).

I dunno, Penny Arcade simply seems a bit more high-brow than VG Cats, even if they do have roughly the same amount of blood. Maybe it’s just that VG Cats has more body parts. In any case, I wouldn’t touch that comic with a ten-foot pole.

Bob and George isn’t as amazingly funny as some other stuff out there, but it’s better than that crap.

B&G doesn’t come close to PA. <strike>PA is pretty much the only thing I’ll read. Even Megatokyo is third tier now, but I don’t know if it’s actually gotten worse or if I’ve just gotten harder to impress.

B&G to me is one of those comics where I’ll read a strip and say, “I guess that’s supposed to be funny or something… am I supposed to be laughing here? Let’s try it… Eheh-okay I can’t do this.” In other words, I understand the jokes, they’re just not very good.</strike>

I need to stop writing 100 words when 6 will suffice.

That’s not really a new low for VG Cats, they’ve been more offensive in the past. (Well, of course offensiveness is subjective, I personally take more offense to suicide jokes than male ejaculate jokes, which are just silly.)


This week’s VG cats parodying V for Vendetta gets a thumbs up.

I agree. I enjoyed the pipboy mask.

MacHall’s matured with the creators. They’ve both graduated from university and are now working out in the real world now. It’s understandable that their perceptions of what is funny will have changed.

For instance the earlier ones focused on life in res. The Quidditch ones come to mind. Now they’re focused on life problems like finding a job. The recent one where the writer/journalist is having a hard time versus the artist/graphic designer has no problem.