Very interesting essays indeed...

EDIT: And before someone says anything, I’m pretty sure that the comments are faked. Either that, or that English teacher needs to be shot. “Rambling and babbling?”

My favorite is “Like all things spanish, it is dangerous”

Causes me to wonder if Kor, who speaks Spanish is dangerous.

thinks about it


snickers Bit obsessive with the Gods this kid is.

Actually, I doubt the comments are faked. My teachers are like that too. Once I wrote an A in a superhard german class test where everybody had a five and my teacher wrote something like “AWESOME!!! A+++ with little stars and smileys! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :)” and drew stars and smileys all around the paper. And stuff like that. Once my pen broke in the middle of a physicas class test, so there were ink spots all over. What does my physics teacher do? Mark the spots.
“dark matter =>
black hole ---->
sun --.>” and so on…

I must admit that my essays were never quite that extravagant. He has a very vivid imagination. I’m willing to bet that he’ll be a famous author when he grows up.

…that’s not my essay >.>;;

Crotanks is a person. He is strong and a person, who is named Crotanks. He can knock down trees and kill people. In today’s workaday world, in the era of rpgclassics and dragon ball z, crotanks is a person who is strong enough to kill people and knock down trees.

Crotanks SMASH english language!

This guy likes to use expressions like workaday a lot. In my many conversations via IRC with Cro, he hasn’t used them once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmmmmmm does that mean im dangerous because i speak spanish?I wonder.

My teachers loved to write silly comments. Mostly because I loved to do the same.

Not that they commented my essays a whole lot, since I usually ended up doing all that myself. Including setting the grade. All the lazy bastards did was scum through them and agree. Or disagree. Which upon we’d get into a long lasting argument. I’d normally win those, if only on time-outs. School life was pretty cool really.

And damn that kid. It’s so aggrivating when he first writes it right: El Niño, and then writes it wrong again: el niño. He even writes more fragmented than I do.

The teacher is right.

Guh? Well it made me laugh.

Wow. I can’t think of anything witty/stupid/lame to say.

I KNEW there was something up with those spanish.

Please, listen to this for warkaday fellow, follow founding father Benjamin Franklins advice and be wary, or they will knock you down!

Hmmm… Garland must be made of spanish lightning…

Whoever posted this at VL (I think it was Zero) was right: it DOES sound like Fawful.