Vending Machines

I saw a couple of weird vending machines on saturday when my girlfriend and I went to the bowling alley. I didn’t think cigarette vending machines were allowed to exist anymore, but apparently they do. You have to insert your ID card for it to work. And then they had a booze vending machine that dispensed Heineken (ich) and other lovely products… you also scanned your ID. I didn’t get anything from either machine, though.

I was wondering if any of you guys saw any weird vending machines.

(You know there’s a dearth of topics when someone comes up with this one…)

I’ve never seen either of these :o

a BEER machine? Holy shit. That’s awesome…

But I see cigarette machines in a good couple places.

Time Out!! arcade in Neshaminy mall used to have a <i>pizza machine</i>. You put in 3 bucks, then chose your toppings, and a few minutes later it would give you a rectangle pizza. It was like 6 by 4 inches big, and was suprisingly good. The machine even had a window, so you could watch your slice run through the toaster-oven thing that heated it. It was pretty awesome, you could get sausage, pepperoni, and ham toppings.

By ID I assume you mean a college ID or something? 'cause although our driver’s licenses do have a barcode, I’ve never seen it used.

I don’t think Georgia liscences would work with that. We don’t have a barcode. Just some digitized thumb print of our thumbs.

But yeah. Japan used to have used panties vending machines.

I used to see cigarette vending machines all around when I was younger, in diners and other places. They’ve probably become illegal in the area since.

Actually they’re starting to make machines (for Georgia) where you can swipe the ID to verify whether it’s real or not. Gas Stations and Bars and such. I’ve only heard about them, but never seen one.

I’ve gotten french fries from a vending machine.

Actually, how would a beer vending machine be legal at all? Even if it was located in a place that has a liquor license, like a bar, the machine can’t verify the age of the person buying. If it did scan your driver’s license, its way easier to swipe your dad’s license and buy a beer from a machine then it is to do so from a bartender.

I was totally waiting for someone to mention the panty machine. I wonder if there’s anything more odd than that…

I remember cigarette machines with no ID required!

You mean these?

Wow. Vending machines just took a whole new turn for the awesome.

I second StarStorm.

Wish there’d be those around where I am … of course, I don’t go into most, ah, establishments around where I am, so …

afaik cigarette vending machines are still a perfectly normal sight in germany. in china you dont need them, cause you can buy them everywhere. 99% of all males in this country smoke. well, maybe not the farmers.

I seen cigarette machines in bars all the time, same with condom vending machines, Never a beer machine though. That’s fuckin crazy!!!

Nah, not that, that one is way too big. This was the size of a normal vending machine, maybe just a little bigger. Also, it made Elios-style rectangle pizzas, that one looks like it makes round pizzas.

I remember seeing cigarette machines when I was younger as well. I often see machines that sell aspirin, condoms, and the like in airport restrooms.

We’ve no weird vending machines around here, no, we’ve barely any vending machines at all, and the few we do have are: a) broken, b) filled with long expired goods, c) empty, or d) placed out by the Coca Cola Company, and will only dispense lukewarm Coca Cola, Fanta or Bonaqua.

The vending machines here only sell fustration by dangling your candy bar by the hook as you see your dollar go to waste

Sounds like a strip club.

More like vending machines in strip clubs