Vandalize RPGC

Jesus Christ, you people have to ruin everything, don’t you?

If everyone adds just an ounce of love… :smiley:

I was there

I keep vandalizing in the same place :frowning: I’m not trying to though.

Originally posted by Cybercompost

Don’t let this guy fool you – only boobs can save your soul.

I love you, CC.

Xelo, you are one sick bastard.

Hey, I ended up in there >_> The eyebrows are watching you.

I love the domain name. XD

GAH! What bastards covered up my stuff?!?!?!?!

I’ve added my little touch but the stupid thing didn’t place it where I wanted it to go.

Mine’s the best. :3

What did you add, Nessa, the kitten or the penis over the kitten?

My poor kitty. ;.;

I blame this on you, 984. You and your… kitten loving. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! All I did was add the boobies to Kagon. That’s it! Nothing else!

Suuuuuure. SUUUUUUURE.

plays with Kaggy’s boobies XD


Checks a couple other websites for vandalism

::dekar!:: AHH!!! My brains!!!

That’s not what I saw 984…

And eep >_>

So chaotic. I like it.

Wow, funfun.