Van Helsing? more like Van AWFULsing!!!

At least so say the people I went to see it with. I thought it was pretty cool. Reminded me of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen an awful lot, only with crossover’ed supervillains rather than crossover’ed superheroes. It shoulda had more mythical baddies, like the Mummy or something.

Next I prophesise the LXG going up against a Van Helsing-style baddie pantheon, possibly in space, with demons n’stuff. Superhero films are becoming more and more like those old arcade [Whoever] vs [Whoever] games, only with better CGI, so eventually in five years time we’ll be going to cinemas to see Spiderman vs Batman vs Dracula vs Darkstalkers vs Street Fighter vs X-Men (rated 15).

How many more superhero films can they make before the entire wave caves in on itself? :noway:

I think the answer to that question lies with another…

When are people going to stop buying comics?

Most plot lines have already been done, when they loose new ways of character development they delve into the alternate universe contingency. Then they put people in roles that aren’t them and spend some of the time backtracking to show you why exactly it turned out like that.

In a way they are making comics. Episodes that when put together form the show. Since the directors are in control they also choose to change aspects of the story to fit their want of action and character development in the amount of time provided. Because of these changes the movies are an alternate reality saga able to stand alone.

Hahahaha, it was pretty bad, but it was SOOOO bad, it was good.

Dracula enlists Frankenstein and the Wolfman to give birth to legions of his children. How could it be anything but. :stuck_out_tongue:

And people will never stop buying comicbooks, but there’s got to be a finite number of bankable characters, right? There should be a Zetman movie. nods

You forget they started with the Basic old school stuff. Spiderman and X-men alone can provide scripts for continuied movie rights. You also forget that they are seriously thinking about making a DBZ movie with human actors. shudders If they’re willing to do that, they’re willing to do anything.


And yeah, you’re probably right. ;_;

If I remember correctly they were also going to preform another misdirection by having wrestlers play the rolls instead of real actors…

Well, that WOULD be keeping with the anime-theme of bad actors … >_>

I’m gonna assume you’re talking about DBZ alone here, because I can’t concieve of the existance of anyone incompetent enough to believe anime has bad acting, especialy compared to the camel shit that comes out of america, which doesn’t even deserve a capital a.

And before all you face-value whores compile lists of movies that don’t suck, yes, there are a few exceptions.

this thread has a similar name to my thread.

Anime doesn’t neccessarily have bad “acting” (which is a strange term to use, especially since there is only voice acting involved). There is some pretty bad anime (for arguments sake, I personally think just about all anime sucks), just like there is some pretty bad american movies/cartoons/whatever. So it’s all subjective, making whether Hades can or can’t “concieve of the existance of anyone incompetent enough to believe anime has bad acting, especialy compared to the camel shit that comes out of america” completly and utterly irrelevent.

Y’know what Charle? You’re absolutely right.

And anime can have bad voice-acting, rather than bad acting in general. This applies to dubs mostly though.

Let me remind you that you know less than nothing about the topic you speak about.

For the record, Hades, you don’t need to worry about ME taking you at face value, since I barely pay attention to a word you say. :3