Valkyrie Profile

Hey, anyone know where I can find some good animated gifs for Valkyrie Profile? Or at least some good ripped sprites. I need Lenneth and believe it or not, I am using them for a school project. Thanks!

Aww, I thought this was gonna be a thread to talk about how cool Valkyrie Profile was… >_>

I also might point out that there is a “sprite” related section in this forum. Where more people who could help you frequent more often.

It would also help keep from being misleading as to the content of the thread.

Only ones I found. It’s hard enough trying to find the official character art.

Angelfire sucks teh cock.

Errrm, oops sorry! Didn’t see the sprites board … D’oh! I’ll head over there, but before I do:

Valkyrie Profile is one of the best damn PS1 games EVER! IMHO, it is easily in the top three list of games that deserve a sequel or remake. Thanks for your help BTW.

If you want a sequel, or at least a treat of Lenneth and Freya, word is that you have to play Star Ocean 3 :wink:

Or Tales of Eternia, and the copyright-infringing Lenneth-clone who appears. :wink:

Does anyone have pics of the SO3 versions of Lenneth and Freya? I want to see what they look like. Damnit Enix, release it here already! >:(

I sent a ZIP file of them to Eva, Pierson.