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So yeah. Valkyrie Profile: Slimeria is coming out on PS2 in almost no time at all. I’ve never played the first one, but I have heard tons and tons of good things about it. On the other hand, I don’t know how I’d ever get my hands on a PSX copy of it, and it’s risky to buy it for PSP, especially seeing as I don’t own one!

But, alas, I might. I want to ask you guys first. Anyone who can answer any of these questions is welcome to…

  • What do you think of VP?

  • If you happen to know my tastes, do you think I’d like it?

  • Do you think I wouldn’t like it if I’ve enjoyed absolutely NO Tri-Ace games up to this point, and am not a generally big fan of most Enix games in general, either?

I’m curious to know, because I’m always on the lookout for something good; but, I really don’t wanna waste my time. The first VP game isn’t something I can exactly rent anymore, and I’d really like to try the second game if I like the first (otherwise, I might play it like, eventually…but I really wanna try the first game before I try Slimeria). Thanks for your time.

Paging Eva to Valkyrie Profile thread. Paging Eva.

VP is fantastic in my opinion. From knowing you though I don’t know whether you’d like it. It’s really hard to explain in short because there’s really nothing out there to compare it to. :frowning:

I guess it’s one of those “Rare Classics that go for crazy money on Ebay” My roomate has it, and I started playing it. The first couple stories were pretty good. The Voice acting is atrocious though. I’d play more of it. In fact, I think I will.

I hope you mean the reused-to-hell battle sound clips, because the voice acting in general was easily the best I’ve ever seen in the PS1.


I just started playing it last night. Damn good and well worth the money so far I might say.

I enjoyed it a lot… it’s very different from almost any game you’ve played so far (including tri-Ace games).
Wanna know the truth? I downloaded an ISO and played it on my computer. Worked like a charm.

It’s beautiful. It’s more than a game to its hardcore fans (aka me) as it really plunges the gamer into its deathzone. Meaning, you won’t be the tragic hero who loses someone to death and then starts saving the world because of that push from grief, I mean everyone’s dead. You’ll be confronted with all sorts of scenarios that kind of make you wonder and feel sorry for a lot of the characters. But the game doesn’t stop there, as it’s just a normal occurance. To sum it up, the perspective of VP is very different from other games, though it treads that perspective a bit lightly so you won’t be all “OHH DEATH THIS GAME IS SO DEPRESSING ^($*”. It’s inspirational in a way. And there’s a much higher “meaning” so to speak that arises if you choose to follow a certain course in the game- you can just play, or you can try to pursue the almost non-existant storyline which is akin to its real norse myth counterparts. That’s the beauty I guess of VP- you can do whatever you want and stray from the characters and be totally isolated from the game, or you can follow up and catch the hidden storyline and relationships. But you’ll need a guide for that :stuck_out_tongue:

  • If you happen to know my tastes, do you think I’d like it?

I don’t think so. I think you’ll find it too empty and repeatitive for your liking. Plus, the music will drive you nuts. If you didn’t like Star Ocean 2’s music (which I recall you saying one year that you didn’t) then you probably won’t like VP’s music, which is along the same lines (very orchestrated, upbeat and melodic, but I like to think that it’s more developed and of a higher quality than SO2- more godly sounding).

The problem with trying Silmeria before VP is that you’ll be lacking a lot of the elements and essentials that made VP so special. If you play Silmeria first, which is on the up and up with character development and storyline, then you might be disappointed when you play VP, which does not develope most of its cast (and is left to the imagination and you to figure out minor, key plots here and there). VP also has very little reference to Silmeria (the game) in general. There is a line here, a line there outside of maybe 2 key characters. So if you play Silmeria and then go back and play VP in hopes to see what some of Silmeria’s characters once were (or would become, I should say :P) you’ll be disappointed because that story just isn’t there.

Different from tri-Ace games…That’s very, very relieving to hear for a start.

I already know that Valkyrie Profile was composed by Motoi Sakuraba (who does almost every tri-Ace game, except Radiata Stories). I figured I wouldn’t like the music already.

What makes me curious is what you mean by ‘empty and repetitive to my liking.’ Empty and repetitive in what way? Empty and repetitive in comparison to what? I’m actually pretty easy to entertain - while I enjoy more involved games overall, one of my favorite PS2 RPGs is Shadow Hearts - a game where the combat engine is a completely barebones old-school RPG engine with a basic timed-hits system. I actually thought that that one particular add-on made the combat engaging for the duration of the entire game.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read. It’s horribly melodramatic, and the dialogue is really stiff. I’m sorry, during the prologue I was laughing my ass off. MGS has the best VA ever heard in a PSone game. If you disagree, then you’ve never played it. I’ll admit, it got a little better during the first scenario with the Mercenary and the Princess (why can’t I remember their names?) but so far, it’s certainly not the best I’ve ever heard.

Arngrim and Jelanda.

Well, if I got Valkyrie Profile I would actually be able to participate in some of the other forums of your site, let alone actually read the site :stuck_out_tongue: But I haven’t had or played a Playstation game since 2000, let alone a PS2. The most recent game I’ve played was Star Ocean 2. There are just too many consuming worries in my real-life.

By the way, SG, I’ve written a review of the game:
You can get a rundown of the quite original gameplay as well as my views on it.

I don’t know why but that’s inspiring. In a general way.

I’m planning on getting Silmeria once it’s released. I’d really like to try VP, but I’ve not had luck with the ebaying and the downloading and all that mess. Plus, about the time I think I’d be cool with spending that much money… I’m not. :smiley: Honestly, is it really worth the amount it sells for these days?

No. it’s a fucking awesome game, but I can’t stand when games are sold for way more than their original retail price was. The worst is Suikoden 2, though. When i see that it costs over $100 regularly, I think to myself, “that game better come with a free whore to justify that price!”

Empty and reptitive in a way that…it’s not your typical game presenting some tragic wrong that needs to be corrected. There is injustice, yes, but the shit goes down in a way, so to speak, unlike most rpg’s out there. What I’m basically trying to say is that you’re not Hero A, fighting against Big Bad Villain Obscuring Even Greater Villain. The game is empty of that. You can basically choose whether to just play the game and have some fun (without pursing the storyline) and this is where the repetitive nature comes in. Chapter begins, you pick up Einherjar, you beat a dungeon. Repeat 20 times. Beat end boss, win the game. That’s it.

Or, you can take the other route and do all that with a storyline involved, but you must work for this :slight_smile: And of course, this is the more rewarding route.

If you say that you do old school, then perhaps you will like VP and the simplicity it has to offer.

It’s really unique, and at least worth a try. I thoguht the dialog was really stiff from a writing perspective, but the voice acting wa pretty damned good, and it hit my norse myth spot. It was fun, and freeform, which I always like, since I hate being railroaded through plots. If you’re willing to find the storyine, it’s pretty cool, otherwise it really is just like leveling up over and over and killing shit and not knowing what’s going on.
It’s really a very polarizing game, but overall I’d say it’s worth nowhere near 100. I’d play it if you can catch it in a bargain bin or pick it up for free via any means of such, but not spend too much on it.
I liked it, wasn’t one of my favourite games ever, worth a try, but not a huge investment in case you don’t like it.

Can you tell me how can I gey Odin in Valkyrie Profile(Lenneth)?

Unless they changed something in the remake, you can’t.