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Has anyone completed the game on hard mode… is there any place that is good to level… so that i no need to go in and out and waste 2 periods. heard from my friend that brahm, freya and lezhard can be recurited at seraphic gate… when can i access seraphic gate ? before the final battle ? and also what other characters are best to keep.

Seraphic Gate is only available after the final battle. A good place to level up is the village (forget the name, it has a graveyard) where you can enter a ruins from the village itself. Just leave the ruins and re-enter and all the enemies respawn.

Also, once you enter Seraphic Gate, you can never get out.

I think you got something wrong there Cid, that village IS a good place to level as it only costs one period and has a few Zombie Dragons in it, but as far as I could remember, they don’t respawn.

Arkdain Ruins (Hard mode only) is the best place to level. Monsters DO respawn and are mostly high level without being hard to kill. Now listen:

As soon as you enter Arkdain, you’ll be OUTSIDE the structure. You can enter and exit the ruins without exiting the area (Which means you don’t have to waste more periods) and every time you do, all monsters will reappear.

If you wanna make it even easier, there’s a room there with a trap that forces you to kill all enemies before being able to exit: This trap activates every single time you enter, and the room is right next to a save point, so that’s probably the best place in the game to level.

thanks for the tip. is it possible to max level in hard mode ? since the monsters in the ardian ruins respawn. How do I defeat Bloodbane? the monster whooped out my entire party…!!!

Actually, entry to the Seraphic Gate is accessible by saving at the last save point. It’s the same as Star Ocean 2. You don’t need to beat the game to get in. You receive all of your characters back when you get in.

Make sure that you don’t save over your Asgard Hill or Jotunheim data or else you really will be stuck. When you save, do it in another file, not the one you’re currently playing from.

Arkdain Ruins and the Oddrock Caves enemies aren’t really spectacular, when it comes to getting EXP in my opinion. But since they are the only options you have, you’ll have to take it. And the Arkdain Ruins appear in all modes.

Characters to keep:


how do i kill bloodbane. does anybody know any good strategy, need what good items ? bloodbane is the most annyoing boss i ever fight. his attack can kill the whole party.

Set Auto Item and have Union Plume at 100% for everyone.

Set Guts second.

Equip an Angel Curio on everyone.

Make sure your skills are maxed out. It’s just a waiting game once you have all of those set up. Who can outlast who sort of thing.

thanks for the tip…