Valkyrie Profile; WTF?

No, seriously, wtf? This is the most un-RPG-like RPG I’ve ever seen. The game plays like a side-scrolling platformer, right up until the (admittadly fairly standard and quite well-designed) battles, which however are almost invalidated in the first hour due to the presence of Freya/Green Hat Lady and her uber-attacks, and high starting DME/HP of the characters, even on normal. The plot seems pretty unusual, not spoilering it here, so that’s probably a good thing. O_o This is one of the few games I’ve ever played where I have no idea yet what I think about. It’s baffling in it’s weirdness. Anyone else played this? Thoughts?

And I know Eva’s gonna have something to say here. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: And Jelanda’s battle sprite reminds me of Yai so much it’s weird. Stupid sprites.

I’ve played this game nonstop for 24 hours once. It’s THAT much fun, especially when you reach the hidden dungeon. I’ve completely mastered VP, with every character possible equipped with the 20000 attack power weapon.

EDIT: Playing this game extensively also caused me to sleep through half of Mothers Day a few years back. Be careful.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this game. I reeeeaally wanna try it sometime.

I don’t I’ve ever heard this one before! MORE INFO! Platform and stuff…

PSX, I’ll put it on my fserv when I have the second disc. It’s about the end of the World, Ragnarok etc.

oooh boy oh boy oh boy!!

Yes well things don’t seem tough NOW but wait till you get to goodies like Barbossa, Brahms,Lezard,Dallas/Gyne/Walther and Bloodbane. Hoo hoo hoo Well that wont be for awhile yet.

Anyways, yes isnt it great?! It’s so different. What do you think about the voices? Some of them are pretty hilarious to listen to. Especially Jelanda. She never shuts up.

A word of advice…when you get the blue haired guy, Kashell, keep him. he’s wonderful. He’s great 2D eye candy. His attack and DME are amazing. he has a huge sword. he calls them enemy names. Plus, if you keep him you can unlock a dungeon that a lot of people missed (after you get Kashell, go back to the village where you found him)

Go back to Arngrim’s house and get his Dragon Slayer too. Send up Jelanda whenever you get the chance. her voice gets annoying.

I trust in you, Pierson to be a good gamer and tackle VP. Most newcomers to VP forget to send Einherjar, forget to make items/weapons/armor, not to mention they dont have a clue in hell how to manage skills, traits, and Event EXP, and magic.

Anyways I’ll stop before I ramble on. But yes, get my sweet Kashel-ly. Think of me when he gets hit and says “ugh, you bastard!”

Hell, I’ve never yet met the RPG technical system I couldn’t master. Now my honour has been called upon. >:D

Magic, Event EXP and Einherjar all seem pretty straigthforward, but yeah, the kind of thing that would be easy to forget about. Item making etc I have no doubt I can pick up as I go. I’ve finished Tales of Eternia (wonderful, wonderful RPG, best battle system EVER), so I need a new game. Guess I’ve found one.

Fserv? Ragnarok? (i thought it was an esper or a MMORG)

Sound like a Game could be Quality.
EDIT: Gimme Gimme! (I could ask you to met me by Alice and the Mad Hatter)

Ragnarok is an old Norse myth about the end of the world, gods waging war amongst eachother and whatnot. Multiple games and books and whatever were based on it.

I really liked VP from the few hours I played it until I got distracted by Fire Emblem, I need to start that game again. The voice acting really added stuff for me since I’d never really played a game with voice acting before except the BG games :stuck_out_tongue:

inserts shameless plug for his Voice Collection FAQ which took ages to type up

yeah the only thing that really sucks is not being able to alter Ragnarok. You can alter how the end plays out, but the big apocalypse will come.

Pie are you going for the good ending, or the rebellious ending?
EDIT: Yes, Dalton has a really great voice FAQ posted at gamefaqs and in my shrine which will be finished someday.

(Tales of Eternia - TOP’s sequil or pt3?)

Thanks TD!

Big Nutter
(An Air ship called after a War of ye Gods!)

I’m gonna go for all endings, because, well, I rock. :smiley:

BN, an fserv is basically a program people install as well as/instead of a regular mIRC chat client to allow other people to browse and download games/music/anime/whatever from their hard drives. TD’s contains a crapload more stuff than me, but to my knowledge I’m the only fserver with a goodly collection of manga. Get on #rpgc at and ask for instructions.

EDIT: It goes Tales of Phantasia, then Destiny, then Eternia (or Destiny 2 as it’s commonly referred to), then Symphonia, due on GC soon, and which will be mine as soon as it’s released.

Dude Im so going there sometime and getting shit now

What is this Tales of Eternia?

Eva, Tales of Eternia is to me what Valkyrie Profile is to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Without giving too much away now, let me weave you a tale…

Tales of Eternia tells the tale of the worlds of Eternia; Infernia and Celestia, which float upside-down to one another in the sky, seperated and kept from falling into themselves by an object called the Orbus Barrier, a globe of Dark Matter that sits exactly between the two and prevents the destruction of the worlds. Inferia is deeply suspicious of Celestia, which they think of as a world of monsters and nightmares. No communication is exchanged, ever, in accordance with the Inferian’s god, Seyfert. Inferia itself is not very technologically advanced (think FF9-style), and think Celestia must be even less so, and so safe to mock.

One day, a purple-haired Celestian in a spacecraft crash-lands on Infernia. Childhood friends Reid and Farah find the crashsite and rescue the girl before the vehicle explodes. The girl is taken back to their village (which, FYI, is none too pleased with Reid himself). While debating with the Elder whether to keep or abandon the girl, another Celestian crashes through the wall, and attacks. After he’s driven off, the Elder orders the girl be cast out. Farah argues, and threatens to leave as well. The Elder agrees, and unceremoniously kicks Farah and the girl (dragging Reid unwillingly behind her) out, beginning an adventure that crosses two worlds and a universe, and makes them question everything they ever knew about their lives, and all through the medium of worse voice-acting than VP. ^^

The combat system is amazing. It’s all real-time action, rather than turn based. One button attacks, another shields, a third activates special attacks, and the last brings up the menu. You can choose to either automate movement or take complete control, so that at times it can be more like a beat-em-up than an RPG.

As you can see, I love this game. Go play it. It beats Tales of Phantasia hands down, although ToP’s system, while almost identical, is a lot more sedate and less frantic, and has more humour. About the only thing wrong with Eternia was the abolishment of the Pink-Haired Slut character. :frowning:

What system? Where can I get this beauty of a game?

It’s Playstation 1, and all three discs are available from my fserv, at 200-odd MB a disc. ^^

Be warned, battles, especially later, can be frantic to an amazing degree when two characters are casting world-shattering spells and the other two are trying to land hits on the enemy with huge-ass swords. it’s kinda like VP where one character can blast an enemy and lower their defense so a powerhouse can smack him/her in the face with a pointy stick. ^^

Although the voice acting is seriously bad. I mean it’s terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

going of the Topic: How do I get acces to your fserv and Download the Prized games?

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(Should i search for it?)

I’m just gonna make a guide on how to use fservs and post it on the chat/boards somewhere, 'cause this question makes me cry. ;_;

Tales of Eternia is also called,for US audiences Tales of Destiny 2.

And yes VP is an awesome game with a great battle system.And Pierson heres a few hints when playing it.

1-Visit back the places where you got your characters,most of them give you an item
2-When you go to the castle of Lezard Valeth i believe you have to go trought the first teleporter you see after activating them for an upgrade in making second level items
3-when in hard modekeep an eye out for Flame Spheres(I think thats what is called)to open doors in the secret dungeon,7 of them I believe
4-Lucient is a great character to have because of his third hit makes enemies drop cristals and orbs like theres no tomorrow.