Valkyrie Profile 2

Haven’t found one yet, really. They’re all pretty generic, but be sure to have some equipment on them when you release. For every 20 points of a stat that a character has from his gear, you get a consumable that gives +5 to that stat to anyone, permanant.

Man… this game is HARD. X-X I leveled up for about two hours (something I rarely do, but it actually wasn’t that bad) and still ended up with a max level of 18. I managed to get past the volcano boss relatively painlessly (though it wasn’t easy) and I am getting POUNDED in the next dungeon, just by the regular enemies. -_-

I think my main pet peeve gameplay-wise is the fact that it’s hard enough to break enemies’ bits off (generally speaking it seems that when going into a new dungeon, I can barely break an enemy once, though if I revisit earlier ones it’s much easier) - but even if you do manage to break off the right bit, it’s STILL just a random drop. I’m sure there’s a bunch of accessories and ingredients I’m missing that would make my life a lot easier.

You’re right, it seems to have become very hard however I noticed a couple of things for those who need some helpful adivce.(take it or leave it there are no cheats):hint:

First, are the SealStones while some are fairly useless(like Fog) some are really helpful(Attack Blessing, Bigger Bonus) but first you must restore them from their respected locations. There is a list to make SealStone hunting easier and being able to hold more than one helps alot as well.

Second, is Team Composition an important factor in fighting. For instance the insects are horrible little creatures that divide at the drop of a hat the only good thing about this is that damage is carried over like in FF III (Japan not U.S) however they also have high evade and you will hear alot of whooshing, buzzing, sounds from your attacks. Magic, while able to hit the mark, is unable to do much damage, however, if you use an Archer they can hit their mark and do reasonable damage too. If you let only the characters that are effective do their thing it will change the course of the battle for the better.

Third, is Equipment/Skills as they can be very useful if used correctly, and most of the tools you’ll need can be bought from shops staight up povided of course you have the money for this as you will need a varaity of tools to learn some of the better skills. I’m assuming you know of this but skills are learned from a combination of equipment runes of the same color as a red sword rune and a blue sword rune are two completely different runes. “ahem” As I was saying, skills like first aid and heat up are very useful, and even some like ghost hunter and dragon slayer are extremely useful in the right battles. If you’re wondering how to get more skill points at every tenth level your character will gain two more skill points not very helpful ,but as of yet I haven’t found another way.

Finally, is Team Battle Tactics poibaly the most useful thing I have to say. Since you can divide your team into two groups you can have your tank go solo and draw enemy fire as the rest of your team manuvers into an attack position, or you can lead an enemy around so it can expose its weakspot to the rest of your party. If you have only one good character for the stutation then have that one solo it while the rest of your party provides support plus it makes healing that much easier. Of course if there are a massive amount of enemies on the screen than having two parties sounds like a good idea.

Rember: the only tip I can’t give is how not to be stupid. That you must find on your own.:thinking:

As for your current stuitaion you should buy lots of healling items and cures for status effects(especially poison antidotes) as the Cawsaw Forest Ruins will be your second worst nightmare next to those damned trolls.

Yes, I already know pretty much all of that, and none of it helps the fact that I have crummy stats.

Oh my god, fuck that. That’s the worst kind of RPG you can play. That’s such a fucking chore. I wont be buying it.

Well… there’s a lot of equipment I haven’t been able to afford yet. Another hour of leveling should get me up to snuff, so I should be doing better shortly. It’s not ridiculous, just a lot more challenging than I’m used to.

That doesnt matter. I hate RPGs where you have to power level for hours just to get somewhere, and then do it again. Is that really fun to you? To sit there for hours and hours fighting battle after battle after battle, all the while knowing you will have to do it all again when you’re done? To each their own, I guess.

I dont want easy ass RPGs where the worst thing that can happen to you is running out of like Heal 3, so you’re stuck with having to use heal 2, or something like that, but that’s just way too much.

So how much power leveling would you say there has to be done in the game for all those who have played it so far? And it’s not like all there is in the back of your mind is that you will be power leveling again, is it?

From what I’ve heard about the game, it sounds fairly difficult with some boss battles, but I’ve only heard some people talk about it and haven’t had any hands-on experience.

I usually HATE leveling up. But firstly, the battle system itself is interesting enough to keep my attention, and secondly, I’m not leveling up to gain levels, but to get specific items off of enemies (even if I don’t actually know ahead of time which items I want). Having a specific goal is much more pleasing than just randomly fighting things.

The gameplay itself has a boatload of strategy that most games completely lack - sealstones, skills, equipment, linking, and the specific characters and character types you’re using all make huge differences. It’s challenging, but in a very good way. And that’s not even mentioning the dungeons, where you go about freezing enemies and teleporting around to reach chests.

So yes, there’s some leveling, but there is the feel that there’s a greater strategy behind the whole thing, and there’s enough to keep you occupied.

I think that your skills and equipment are much more importent then your levels. The Kraadicator has saved my butt more times than any amount of levels have… Anyway, some advice:

There’s a sealstone in Chateau Obsession that can make enemies constantly lose health. This is hugely useful for getting past most of the monsters there, as many of them are ghosts.

If you have trouble getting enough magic crystals for sealstones, I found the best way to get them is go back several dungeons and beat up weak enemies. If you beat them quickly, you can get a good number of crystals per battle, like 50-60+. If you use only one character, you can get decent experience per battle. Also, this is a good oportunity to get things like BoneMeal, Seafood, and Meat Chops, or whatever else they may drop.

Going back to equipment, take the time to buy all that expensive stuff in Crell Moferaigne, especially the armour. Currently, Alicia equiped with all the Armor from Crell takes <100 damage from enemies in the Crawsus Forest Ruins. Obviously, this is incredibly helpful in destroying the enemies, though enemy magicians are still a threat. Also, I think Alicia has some innate chance of causing Frailty, but I’m not sure. It is very useful when trolls in the Ruins suddenly become Frail…

The more I see your responses, I want this game more and more and may just end up buying it on whim next time I’m near a store which carries it. The content of the game just seems all pleasing to look forward to.

Well, you left all that out. If the battle system is interesting enough, then it makes bearable.

i just got this game 3 days ago and im already stuck. im about 6 hours in and i only have like 6 guys all together. Cidolfas siad he had like 15 guys by then.

im in chapter three and im on like level 5-6. its really cool. I like the battle system.

and how to i get more einahajars

I got VP2 couple days after it’s release…couldn’t pass it up. But it’s going to be a long while before I get around to playing it.

You find them in relics in dungeons. You may have missed the relics. They don’t show up on your map.

Thanks for the tip about the equipment (I figured it’d help me out a lot). Now to do more gold-getting. :sunglasses:

i released one of my einenhajar and they gave my items and then when i talked to him he gave me a great weapon, but it said that it depends on their armor on what items you get when you release them so i wanna know if this sounds stupid.

    Wait till i can get the best armor in the game and equip ever single one of them with it and i think it will give me better items(amount) that i would get when i first released them. Should i wait or just release right away.

The amount of stat-boosting items you get depends on what armor and weapons they have. They’ll always give you the same item when you talk to them, though.

Ok From being a VP junkie for ever…here are some tips if your stuck…although I’ve played it only to the palace of the verinated dungon…(damn its not a pleasant place)

-Alicia (MC) is not the best MC you’ve seen but you need to keep her lv up for later in the game. She has crap HP…(HP is vital to this game more so than others) but her attacks get better as the game goes on

-If you dont use sealstones you are screwed. No doubt. there around for a reason. Makes impossible bosses within range of possibility

-Go right for the boss if you think you have a shot at beating him…you’ll need all the items and health you can get…freeze all the other enemies

-MAKE WEAPONS!!! This is huge in the begining parts of the game (Sabertooh Saber and Elemental Edge to be exact) multiple hitting Soul Crush Items are what you need to do well in the begining

-Buy Items…No MP system here so in the field you can only heal w/items…invest…buy them…then buy some more

-don’t get too excited…some bosses have limited mobility and you can hit them w/magic from afar back and forth… and they cant hit you…it takes longer, but you can win a battle that on paper you have no chance…bosses are the only things you really need to fight…if you do it right…the EXP they give you is huge…you can fight them as much as you want.

-compound your equipment…Lezard at LV 16 base magic…is 68…with right equipment he can get to 199 (4 copper coins) the more of the same the greater the hike (all blue equipment) color is what you need…same color better stats

-no matter how much you level the next boss can prob kick your ass. If you dont use some strategy you are dead

Basically this is a great game. I love it, but you’ve got to do the work…or you’ll see tons of Game Overs…actucally I do hours of work…still see tons of game overs…

The thing that’s really starting to bug me is the low rate of item drops when you break enemy bits off. It’s hard enough to break the bits off in the first place (to do enough damage to specific parts of the body) - but even then it’s maybe a 10% chance of a drop. And what’s worse, I don’t even KNOW which enemies drop which items from which parts. It’s ridiculous. >_<

Oh ya…I hear ya…There is no way to get them for sure…but there are sealstones with item boosting properties…but in the open levels…screwed…