Valkyrie Profile 2

I just got the game and am about two hours in. It’s really cool; it looks totally different than the original, but feels the same. The battle is a fun mix between strategy and boom-boom action; people who have played Treasure Hunter G will recognize many elements of the main battle system, but “attack mode” is pure Valkyrie Profile.

There’s only one nitpick I have so far, but it’s a big one. During cutscenes, you CANNOT PAUSE AT ALL. The weird thing is that pressing Start brings up a dialog box asking if you want to skip the cutscene - but the scene doesn’t pause while the box is up! This is a huge annoyance and essentially means I can’t play any area that might have story sequences if I might be needed somewhere. -_-

Haven’t picked it up yet (things have been insane lately with my mom and all), but I plan on it soon. That’s very odd about the cutscenes…

I went and picked it up myself last night and played though the first boss fight (in which I went though in two turns) however feelling a little unsatastifed I poked around and accidently fought the same boss again (abeit less efficently this time). Unfortunately, I never played the original so I don’t know if it’s possible to refight the same boss in that game too.

My only other problem with this game (aside from the unpauseable cutscenes) is how in battle CPU party members can get stuck behind things (which was the only reason why it took longger in the second boss fight[see above]).

Otherwise this game ROCKS!!!:hahaha;

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I am was actually gonna get this game really soon but from what your saying it lowering my enthusism. Is this game worth getting?

Ill (stupid Firefox apostrophe bug) probably pick this up around christmas. Ive (grah) been waiting for this for a good long time.

It’s a great game. It’s just the stupid cutscenes that bug the heck out of me.

Ugh, as great as this game is, I’m going to wait till the price drops or at least a couple of months ($).

What about the puzzles in the dungeons or whatnot? I only remember being able to make use of freezing enemies or maybe objects in VP. I kind of wonder how they are, as I heard there were some. Makes it more interesting or just something that you walk right through? Difficultly?

Will I be able to play it if I never touched the first one?

Yes, you don’t need to have played the first one at all.
VP2 does make use of the freezing enemies, and kicks it up a notch by having your “photons” rebound off the walls, and having it so if you strike a crystal with another photon, you switch places with it. Neat.

I will say that I’m now four hours in and the enemies are starting to get really hard. -_- I think leveling is gonna be a must, especially considering that I already have four spare party members.

I don’t know much about this game’s mechanics, but there aren’t time limits like in the original, right?

I’m about 9 hours in, and I actually saw a puzzle where I had to freeze/teleport with an enemy using a 4-bounce angleshot, it was awesome. It was worth it too, good loot.

As for Vicki’s query: I saw no trace of time affecting anything so far, but I will say this: Free the souls of the warriors you get. The stuff they give is hot. I got a heavy sword with over 100 power when my main character was using something in the 25 power range from one of the first dudes you get once I freed his soul and met him again. Check every village, it’s worth the loot.

Yeah I power leveled all my einherjar (it’s not as boring as it sounds) and let them go as soon as I could, and so far only one so far has not given me any items yet but I’m still in chapter 3 so it do not mean that I won’t get anything.

Of course the reason why I’m still in chapter 3 is the fact that I found a hidden dungeon the ancient forest a really hard place thanks to those damned trolls, but the treasures are good. (of course I still have to finish it)

Oh! of couse the Einherjar you get from the various weapons lying around seem to be random of course it could be between character A and character B, but it’s why I haven’t gotten any 50 power swords yet. What I have gotten so far was a Holy Water of Mithra (I,ve forgotten what this does since I’m not looking at it right now), and Experts Experience (Gives recipent 30000 EXP). Aside from Celes’s cheepness (an otherwise great character) I have yet to encounter any one else.

(editor’s notes: re; rigmarole/subject an earlier post about my earlier post.)
First off, about my comments earlier I realize now that this function is supposed to happen. It acually adds a layer of strategy to the battles unlike SoM’s pathfinding A.I. which only becomes a problem in covering long distances. (of course, if you’re the type who run frequently at the sight of enemies then I can see this becoming a large problem). And secondly that comment was only preaching to the choire. I’ve played that game more times than I can count.

I reread this and found this last comment rather rude so I apollogize for its harshness. I am however out of time to rewrite it completely and now I must leave.

I’m somewhere in chapter 3 and two optional dungeons have opened up. There is a HUGE challenge variation here; the regular enemies all died within one round, but the boss killed me without even letting me get an attack in. It’s a bit nuts that his attack power is THAT much higher than the others. -_-
Perhaps I should be using more Spectacles and skills, I guess…

I Played Valkryrie Profile Great Game I Actually Loved It But Didn’t Get Far So Bahh.

In case anyone actually knows the answer to this… should I be leveling up my non-Einherjar allies? I’m only about eight hours in and I already have about 13 party members… if I level up everyone it’ll take me forever. -_- I was planning on sticking with Alicia and three Einherjar at all times… make sense?

Depends if you want the cool extra items, you get special stuff for having Arngrim, Dylan and the girl that travels with them at lv40 before the end of chapter 3. Really really awesome stuff.

Ah. So no point leveling up Rufus or Lezard? (And by girl I assume you mean Leone?)
How long is chapter 3? O_o Right now my max level is 12, and I just went into the volcano dungeon.

Yes, Leone, I just have a bad memory for names. No special point for Lezzy or Rufus that I know of.

And, uh…it’s long. I came out of the volcano at lv20.

All righty then, I guess I’ll keep up levels for everyone besides those two (luckily einherjar only have to gain five levels). Are there any einherjar I should keep rather than release?