Valkyrie profile 2 help

So this game rocks…and i’m all like Woooooooow graphics…wooooooooow good voice acting…Woooooooooow it like star ocean 4 but better.

But than i relize, there are like 20+ chars to take care of…well this will not do. I’m in no way willing, able or wanting to level and upgrade 20 some chars for one game. 5 seems a much better number.

who are the best 5 chars to level up in this game? Does it even really matter who i take?

Just level up the story relevant characters you don’t need to worry about anybody else. In fact if you level certain characters past a certain level before a certain point in the game you’ll get some really good rewards.

You can still play the other characters if you get tired of playing the main ones, but the main ones are all that you’ll ever need.

You should realize, though, that most story characters will leave your party at some point. In the last chapter or two you get a bunch of new characters who will stay around (and kick everyone else’s ass). I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say that, other than Alicia, Rufus will be the only one who stays in your party for most of the game, including the final dungeon.

The non-story characters can be leveled up 5 levels and then released and forgotten about, if you like. It’s probably a good idea to have one mage and one other character to keep around for when the story characters go AWOL, though.