Oh man, like, a few months ago, I actually found this goddamn chart I had trying to detail the utterly retarded family tree of RPGC. It was fucking insane. Sadly, I can’t find it anymore. Sucks, really.


Aww, that’s too bad, it would have been fun to see that mangrove again. All I recall is that Zero and I were your parents and that it came about somehow after he ate one of my wings. Though I guess that implies that he is your mother and I am your father.

That’s one of the reasons we talked about Zero’s boob lights back in the day.

Man this conversation takes us back.

While I’m not in any way related, I remember I saved Cala in one adventure. Good times.

I almost thought someone necroposted for a moment.

But, thanks Weiila, for bringing back one of the reasons I loved RPGC.

Though, I thought that family tree became so twisted, it formed the base of Kefka’s tower?

I’ve always been a lurker in the dark periphery of the agora. I remember being a gargoyle in a story someone wrote about haloween. And the Tower of Babel. And Crab Days. And Charlemagne, may God bless his little soul wherever he is. And “ask me questions” threads whenever someone would reach the next multiple of a thousand posts.

Good times indeed. :wink:

I don’t remember the cat in the slide, though. :hahaha;

I can’t remember if I was included in that or not. I sorely hope so

I remember someone once drew a “Ramza range” on a US map, basically a circle that covered all of the continental area but the coastal states. I also remember some talk about tornadoes. And you were one of the few people posting whom I recognized more by name than by avatar, and I remember you posting a lot about Starcraft. You up for a SC2 round someday?