Valentines Day Card Generator

Anyone know of one?

I want to use some old comic hero images with raunchy and socially inappropriate text to go along with it.

I was thinking of what a Spiderman Valentine card would look like in reference to him “shooting his Valentine with wet, sticky web goop.”

It was either that or Black History Month cards for everyone. Wal-Mart didn’t carry them, though…

Nevermind, i found these, which are made with far more win:

I’m a nerd - I still like Link’s “YOU are the missing piece” (to the heart container) that I saw last year. :smiley:

It’s great, yes.

Aww, I messed up the quote. It’s not any less awesome, though. :smiley:

I do so like the Link card. It’s cute.
I also like this one.