Vagrant Story

Yo, i’m in the limestone quarry at the moment, just used the melissa sigil to go through the door. Once through this door, i have to face this boss.

At first i could only do about 5hp per chain, with 2 salamanders equipped it goes up to about 10 damage, but once i’ve chained too much, and i make a mistake, my risk remains so high that he can kill me one hit. Anyone help?

You’re fighting Snow Dragon, right? Well, the first thing you need to do is move in close. Hide under his neck, to be precise. Next, did you cast Spark Fusion on your weapon? That will increase your Fire Elemental attack even more.

Finally, my strategy is as follows. It’s cheap, but it does the job. Equip Heavy Shot, Crimson Pain and Raging Ache. Attack, then keep chaining to have Crimson Pain do damage to him and you. When your life is low, Raging Ache will do an incredible amount of damage. Just MAKE SURE you heal up before the Dragon attacks. Watch the action thingy above the dragon’s head to predict when he’ll take a swipe at you.

Heh, that wasn’t actually the boss, but thanks for taking the time mate… :hahaha; if this dragon dude is hard, your information might prove priceless when/if i get to fight it.

The actual boss i’m referring to is that beast-like thing, as soon as i use the melissa sigil. It’s pretty damn fast, and has a high attack, it is also weak to fire. I just think i’ve missed something important here, this is the first boss that i’ve done so little damage to, even with a beast only weapon. :moogle:

Ah, the Ogre Lord. Sorry, I got the two mixed up. Keep in mind the dragon will appear shortly after.

Ogres are nearly impossible to chain against. Your best bet is to just boost your Beast class as high as you can with beast-killing gems. Don’t bother hitting it’s elemental weakness; Ogres are best met with brute strength.

Hopefully, you’ll have a weapon for Beast killing with 3 Gem slots in it. If you don’t, might I suggest heading down into Iron Maiden and taking some of the weapons from down there? You can get some really nice Grips down there with 3 slots apiece.

If you have 3 Orion gems, equip them. That will instantly make your Beast class 45. Add your normal Beast class to that and you should have a formidable weapon.

Just out of curiosity, what type of weapon are you using for Beast slaying? I recommend an Axe and Mace class weapon.

Good advice, my friend. I managed to beat the Ogre Lord this time (with ease). Thanks for the idea about the Orion gems, they helped boost my beast class up to about 30. I then levelled it up on the beast dummy for a while to get it up another 10+ points.

I use a one handed sword against beasts. It seems to work well.

As for the snow dragon, i beat him too. Spark fusion + herakles + very high leveled great sword seemed to do the trick, hitting him in the neck. 150+ damage a hit :victoly:

Thanks for the help, at the moment i have just got the silver key in temple of kiltia.

A nice note for future reference: Whenever you enounter an enemy like that (little to no damage no matter what), try Break Arts. They kick bootay. Very, very Much.

My second hint? If that doesn’t work, de-equp your weapon. It’s hilarious XD

Sword: 1… 3… 4…7… 7
“Oops, de-equipped”
Fists: 17… 29… 31… 36…

And sadly, this happened with the last boss in the game…

Degenerate has a nice effect on certain enemies, too. Used on a Slime, it actually lowers its Defense rating as well as its Attack!